South Bay SCFWH, Letter of Support, Martino

Fran Martino
d/b/a River Haggie Outdoors
P. O. Box 422
Ghent, NY 12075
(518) 828-1330
[email protected]
July 15, 2011
Stephanie Wojtowicz
NYS Department of State
Division of Coastal Resources
99 Washington Avenue, Suite 1010
Albany, NY 12231
Re: Proposed South Bay as a Significant Coastal Fish & Wildlife Habitat
Dear Ms.Wojtowicz:
I am writing this letter as a Columbia County resident, business owner, and outdoor enthusiast with an
interest in protecting the water quality of our local streams and the Hudson River.
Two miles southwest of the City of Hudson on the east side of the Hudson River in the Town of Greenport
is what may be the most wild of all the islands located in the Hudson River. It is a place known as Rogers
Island. It is the largest tidal forested wetland on the Hudson River, and in New York State with extensive
mudflats and littoral zones.
Just north of the City of Hudson is a Federally-designated Hudson River Estuarine Sanctuary know as
Stockport Creek and Flats. Stockport Creek is the second largest major tributary to the Hudson River
Estuary. Stockport Creek and Flats is an area dedicated to environmental research and education.
Situated between these two designated Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitats is South Bay. It lies
there unprotected while it filters the water, stores floodwaters, stabilizes sediments, provides habitat for
birds and mammals, and serves as a spawning grounds for fish. South Bay is the missing link in our efforts
to maintain acceptable standards of water quality and habitat value along the eastern shores of the Hudson
I support the designation of South Bay as a Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitat with the proviso
of utilizing restoration methodology that has been proven to reverse habitat loss and degradation.
Very truly yours,
Fran Martino, Sole Proprietor
River Haggie Outdoors