Criminal Justice

The History Minor for Criminal Justice Majors
Why you should: By choosing the History minor to complement the Criminal Justice
Major you will further improve your skills in critical reading, thinking, writing, and oral
presentation. In History courses students practice detective work—locating and
evaluating primary sources in order to build bodies of logical evidence. They also
practice making and critiquing reasoned arguments with reference to scholarly
precedent. Honing these skills can further career goals in police work or the law, but
wherever your career path takes you the History minor will enhance your abilities to
evaluate information and to communicate professionally in oral and written forms.
How you can: To get a minor in history you need to take 6 History courses (18
credits). At least three of those courses must be at the 300 or 400 level. We offer
courses on many countries and topics, ranging from ancient to contemporary history.
Four HST courses that may be of particular interest to CRJ majors are:
401: Censorship and Free Speech in US History 442: War and Terrorism in the World
408: Landmark US Supreme Court Decisions
472: Jihad
History courses that double-dip for general education requirements are:
Lower division (100/200 level):
HST 110: American Survey (S+D)
HST 130: World Survey (H+O)
HST 211: Early America (H+D)
HST 201: Ancient World (H+O)
HST 212: Modern America (S+D)
HST 202: Modern World (S+O)
(HST 101 and 102 (G+O) offered until Fall 2011, will also count for the minor.)
Upper division (300/400 level):
302: Science and Technology in US (I)
324: Politics in America, 1790s-1990s
328: Women in America (W,Y)
343: Soviet Union (I)
344: Sex, Sin, and Sorority (W,Y)
357: Modern American Dream (I)
358: Family and Change in the US (W,Y)
359: European Women (W)
366: Modern Imperial Britain (I)
367: Gender in the Islamic World
368: Women in the Mediterranean
World (W)
417: American Revolution (W,Y)
To contact the History Department: Ms. Teri Rombaut, Secretary, 133 Brown
Building, 395-2377,