Transcript Review Worksheet (Social Studies)

Transcript Review Worksheet (Social Studies)
Candidate Name: ________________________________
Prior Institutions, Degrees, & G.P.A.:
Competency Area (per NCSS/NCATE guidelines)
NCSS Standard – Themes
1.1 Culture and Cultural Diversity
1.5 Individuals, Groups, and Institutions
1.8 Science, Technology, and Society
1.9 Global Connections
FUS Course
Ant 101
Pol 333
Social Sciences Disciplines
2.1 History
Hst 105/106
Of Civilization I
And II
Hst 207/208
Hst of US I and II
Hst 295 History
Of Ohio
Hst 329 – 20th
Century Europe
Hst 340, 355,
366, 370, 380,
385, 290
(choose one)
Hst 386 History
of Islam
2.2 Geography
Time, Continuity, and Change(1.2)
Geo 122
2.3 Civics and Government
Power, Authority, and Governance(1.6)
Civic Ideals and Practices (1.10)
Pol 220 Amer
Nat. Gov.
Competency Area
With Course(s)
Do not list courses
Receiving grades
below C-
2.4 Economics
Production, Distribution, and Consumption
ECO 201/202
Principles of
Economics I and
2.5 Psychology –
Individual Development and Identity
SWK 210
Human Behavior
and Social
PSY 301
Educational Psy
Course on Teaching Social Studies
At AYA 7-12 level
Edu 517 Trends and
Issues in Social
See deficiency course recommendations on reverse of this sheet.
Topic or Title of Course
Total number of credits needed
Applicants must receive grades of B or above for these courses to remedy subject
matter knowledge deficiency. Courses may be taken at a community college or another
institution, including this one, unless otherwise stipulated.
Advisor Signature / Date
Education Chair Signature / Date