watching torture in prime time

Jiang yu
Sep 27th
Engl 102
Watching torture in prime time
TV shows are becoming more and more popular in the present world. People are enjoying
watch the different lives, judging it, and talking about it. We didn’t realize we are being
affect by these shows day by days.
I saw lots of TV shows in my past four years. Both violent and non-violent shows,
sometime I was curious are the human seeking for the blood in the deep side of the soul.
The TV shows Super Natures and Breaking bad are the most bloody shows I have ever
seen. You can see the blood all over the screen in the SN. In the Breaking Bad, the
characters use the different ways to kill the people. But I didn’t disgust about it, I know
the shows are the shows, I can’t change who I am, but in some channel. The media
companies use the shows as the policy tools. It gave the people a different opinions how
they face the similar situations. Author point on the TV show 24’s “but in certain parts of
American society, torture is already normal. The cultural conditions and political
decisions that crated Abu Ghraib and widespread torture of detainees by American forces
happened before 24.” (Watching Torture In Prime Time, p141) This show is seems the
Fox trying to make the excuse for those soldiers torturing the enemies in the other
countries ”If there is a bomb about to hit a major U.S. city and you have a person with
information…if you don’t torture that person, that would be one of the most immoral acts
you could imagine.” I don’t know where did those words author quote from, but those are
reason some people accept the torture and think the main character is a hero.
The media is definitely sends us the messages they want us believe. But the remote
control is always in our hands, we still have our choice to watch or not, believe or not. I
don’t agree the limit the TV shows by this reasons. If we take out this kind of shows
today. Some one will take all the shows tomorrow, and gave the people under the control
stupid shows and tried to fool them.