Research Seminar Series - Spring 2015

Research Seminar Series - Spring 2015
This regular series presented in the Fall and Spring semesters showcases the most recent research from
SPA’s Department of Government faculty and doctoral candidates as well as guest scholars. Unless
otherwise specified, all seminars are held on Wednesdays from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. in SIS 300.
February 11
Do Americans Really Oppose the Immigration Policy Status Quo? Re-Assessing the “Disconnect” Between
Public Opinion and Legal Admissions Policies in the U.S.
Matthew Wright, Department of Government
February 25
Constitutionalism with Adjectives: Institutional Innovation in the Global Rule of Law
Diana Kapiszewski, Georgetown University
March 4
Ethnicity, Electoral Systems and Party System Fragmentation in Developing Democracies
David Lublin, Department of Government
April 1
The Impact of Political Oversight: Evidence from India's Employment Guarantee Scheme
Saad Gulzar, New York University
April 8
Framing and Public Support for Climate Change Policy: Evidence from the 2014 CCES
Aaron Ray, Department of Government
April 15
If Torture is Wrong, What About 24?: Torture and the Hollywood Effect
Erin Kearns & Joseph Young, Department of Justice, Law, and Criminology