Part 1

Part 1
CWP Upfront Magazine Feb. 2, 2015 “Is Torture Ever Justified?” pg. 8-11
Read the article first. Discuss any Q’s/Terms with others at your table to help you generate
more understanding as well as different views or ideas. Read before starting any Q’s or Essay
Q’s. I want to see complete thoughts along with complete sentences, supported by information
gained through your reading the article, table/classroom discussion, or obtained from your own
research / experiences. As always; Typed, 12 point font
1. Explain why the new report from the Senate Intelligence Committee generated so much
2. In the article, Michael Franc of the Heritage Foundation calls 9/11 a “foundational change”
for the United States. Cite evidence from the text that supports this claim.
3. Evaluate how the intelligence community and former Vice President Dick Cheney responded
to the report.
4. Analyze what Republican Senator John McCain means when he says that some defenders of
the C.I.A. program are “whitewashing torture.” Why might he be sensitive to this topic?
5. Examine the political cartoon on p. 8 of the student edition. What is its message? How does it
support the article?
6. Do you think terror suspects taken into custody deserve American legal protections, even if
they are held outside the U.S.? Write a brief essay, using evidence from the article to support
your response.
7. Take a stand: Do you think torture can be justified under any circumstances? Why or why