Medieval Torture
Historical Background
The methods used to prove the truth of
accusations were cruel and brutal.
Primitive trials were unreliable, ineffective,
and most of all unjust.
These trials did not consider evidence as
we know it today.
Historical Background
Guilt or innocence was determined by what
was accepted to be divine intervention.
Frequently, the accused was subjected to
physical ordeals on the supposition that
God would protect the innocent and punish
the guilty.
Iron Maiden
Thumb / Toe
Head Vice
Breast Ripper
The Rack
The Rat Torture
The Press
A Garroting Chair
Heretic’s Fork
Judas Cradle
The Pear
(This instrument is Venetian, late 1500's,
and consists of bronze segments and key,
iron screw. Notice the etched face of Satan
in the picture on the left.)