Important Information & Course Policies

Your instructor:
J. Lauren Akins
Office: 9226
Room: 9226
Required Text:
Discovering French: Nouveau! (Blanc)
Discovering French Workbook
Additional Requirements:
A notebook (with pockets), writing utensils
French 3 is an intensive introduction to the French language and the cultures of the
French-speaking, or Francophone, world. Over the course of the year, you will combine
home study of grammatical concepts with in-class use of increasingly complex structures
to become more and more adept at participating in situations from life using French.
This course is highly interactive, so missing a class session and/or coming to class late or
unprepared will have a negative impact on not only your own language-learning
experience but also that of your classmates. Successfully completing this course will
require daily study outside of class in order to prepare you for active participation in
After successful completion of the year, you will:
Be able to maintain intermediate level conversations in French about topics
covered by the text utilizing the grammatical structures taught in the text.
Be able to communicate about your own experiences as they relate to the topics
in the text (i.e., in a chapter about travel, you will be able to discuss your own
experiences while traveling, or in a chapter about the university/school you will
be able to discuss your own classes and leisure activities).
Be able to compose writings in French working toward accurate use of grammar
and comprehensible communication of meaning.
Be able to read and listen to intermediate texts in French, globally understand
their meaning, and answer questions about their content.
Internalize the grammatical structures that you encounter through daily study and
work done inside and outside of the classroom.
Course Grade:
Your course grade will be based on the following criteria:
Written Tests:
Oral Interviews
Written Tests:
Oral Interviews/Exposé
Final Exam
PREPARATION: Everyone is expected to come to class fully
prepared and ready to participate in both routine exercises and more creative
conversational activities. Study all material assigned for the next day thoroughly
the night before. Most successful students find that they need to commit at least
as much time to French outside of class as they spend in French class. The pages
to be covered each day are clearly indicated on the calendar* All participation
will be in French. It is expected that all students will make the effort to use French
in the classroom to respond to questions as well as to ask them. You will be
presented with the tools to do so. Do not be afraid to talk, and do not be afraid
to make mistakes—they are inevitable! When your instructor corrects you, make
an effort to incorporate the corrections into your speech. You will receive
participation grade sheets regularly throughout the year that will help you see
how you are doing and what you may need to improve upon.
HOMEWORK AND QUIZZES: You will have at least one homework assignment and one
quiz collected and graded per week. The quiz dates and homework collection
dates will normally not be announced in advance. If you do your assigned
homework every day you will be sufficiently prepared. You are responsible for
turning in homework (exercises, compositions, etc.) on time. Quizzes take place
at the beginning of class. Missing a quiz due to arriving late will result in a grade
of zero for that quiz. Your lowest quiz and homework grade will be dropped
before your grade is calculated, even if they were grades of zero.
A. EXCUSED ABSENCES: Make-up work for credit and grade is allowed for all
excused absences. It is the student’s responsibility to get the missed work. The
number of days allowed to make up the work shall be the same as the number of
days the student was absent.
for credit and grade is allowed. It is the student’s responsibility to get the missed
work. The number of days allowed to make up the work shall be the same as the
number of days the student was absent. Work made up after an unexcused
absence in elementary or middle school may be dropped a letter grade and
must be dropped a letter grade in high school.
C. SUSPENSIONS: Make-up work for credit and grade is allowed. It is the student’s
responsibility to get the missed work. Work is due on the day of return from the
suspension. Work made up after an unexcused absence in elementary or middle
school may be dropped a letter grade and must be dropped a letter grade in
high school.
TESTING: There will be written tests after each unit. Each written test will consist of a
written exam. Some exams will also have an oral comprehension section. At two
points during each semester, each student will have oral interviews, first on his or
her own and later with a partner. The interview is simply a relaxed conversation
with the instructor that will test your ability to communicate using the vocabulary
and structures that you have studied. Finally, at the end of the year, there will be
a class exposé lasting approximately 5 minutes, which you will prepare with other
members of the class. Make-up for missed tests will only be possible when
appropriate documentation is provided immediately in order to justify your
absence on the day of a test. All test dates will be clearly marked on the
calendar—plan to be in class for each of them.
MIDTERM/FINAL EXAM: These cumulative exams will be similar in format to the
written chapter tests throughout the semester. If you have another exam that is
scheduled at precisely the same time as this one, it is your responsibility to
communicate this to your instructor as soon as possible.
A 90-100%
B 80-89%
C 70-79%
D 60-69%
F 59% and lower
ATTENDANCE: Because the format of the class is highly interactive, your presence is
expected at every session all year long. However, please look to your Student Handbook
for East Lake High’s attendance policy. Please note that makeup tests and homework
will not be allowed without an authorized and documented excused absence.
CONDUCT IN CLASS: It is expected that you will show respect for your instructor and your
fellow students. Using electronic communication/entertainment devices for anything
other than a class-related activity approved by the instructor is not allowed in the
classroom. Furthermore, as this is a course dependent on communication, it is necessary
for you to participate in all group activities as assigned by your instructor. As a matter of
policy, uncooperative or disruptive conduct in class will not be tolerated; you will be
asked to leave for the day and you will be penalized as per East Lake High’s Discipline
PROBLEMS: If you are having trouble with French, please do not hesitate to make an
appointment for extra help. The sooner you seek help, the better—problems have a way
of snowballing, especially in foreign languages.
Introductory French courses at East Lake High School are not designed for native
speakers of French. If you spent significant time in a French-speaking family, country or
region while growing up, please contact your guidance counselor or Mme Akins.
Syllabus Agreement
I, _________________________ am committed to the success of our French class, and will do
my very best to adhere to these Classroom Expectations.
Student Signature
Parent/Guardian Signature
Best time to call me is _________________ Home phone # _______________________
Work phone # _______________________ Cell phone # _________________________
Parent email address: ______________________________________________________
(Please print clearly)
( ) assist with cultural and/or foreign language activities.
( ) donate $5.00 to the World Language Classroom Fund.
( ) assist in the classroom.
( ) other (please specify_____________________________).
Cash/money order and/or checks made payable:
East Lake High School
World Languages Department
Grades are not affected by any donation. Unused donation amounts will be carried over
to the next school year unless it is specifically stated otherwise. Thank you in advance for
your contribution.
***Voluntary donations of tissues, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes (non-chlorine), index
cards and EXPO markers would be greatly appreciated. Merci!