Geo Quiz 1

Geology Presentation Quiz 1
1. Label the parts of the solid Earth below:
Label the crust, mantle, and core. Label the most dense and the least dense.
2. What is a tectonic plate?
a. Something you eat off of.
b. The middle layer of the Earth
c. Magma
d. Lava
e. The large pieces of rock that make up the crust
3. A. Name three types of plate boundaries
B. Draw each type of plate boundary.
C. Explain what type of features can exist at each plate boundary. (Earthquakes, Volcanoes,
4. List four effects that volcanoes can have on the environment. One effect must include the land,
one must include people, one must include the atmosphere, and one must include agriculture.
One of the effects must be positive.
5. Earthquakes transfer energy through seismic waves and are measured using a seismograph.
They are then given a numerical value on the Richter Scale.
a. Where do earthquakes generally occur?
b. How many earthquakes occur per day in the United States?
c. How can earthquakes effect the ocean?