Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Main tasks of the Ministry include:
development and implementation of the state policy in the field of preventing emergency situations;
protection of lives and health of the population, material and cultural values; and liquidation of
consequences and reduction of negative effects during the emergency situations in peace and war
establishment and administration maintenance of the State system of the prevention and actions in
emergency situations;
organization of development and implementation of measures in the territory of Uzbekistan in the
field of population protection, country territory, objects of national property; and prevention and
liquidation of consequences of emergency situations;
coordination of activity of the ministries, departments, Council of the Ministers of the Republic of
Karakalpakstan, mayor’s offices (khokimiyats), Regions (Viloyats), cities and districts on protection
of population and national property; prevention and liquidation of emergency situations caused by
accidents, catastrophes and natural disasters;
direction of works on liquidation of large extreme situations; formation and maintenance of forces
and means readiness required for this purpose;
coordination of works on setting up the state emergency reserve funds of financial, food- stock,
medical and material resources;
In accordance with assigned tasks, the Ministry carries out the following functions:
carrying out a supervision and monitoring over the environment condition, situation in potentially
dangerous objects and attached territories;
planning and implementation of specific and scientific - technical programs and measures on
prevention of emergency situations, ensuring safety and protection of population, reduction of
potential casualties and damages, and on support of stable functioning of industrial objects and
branches of economy in emergency situations;
training improvement of management bodies on emergency situations, forces and means on actions
during emergency situations; organization of training for the population on protection and actions
during emergency situations.