Ethics Reflection

I chose to take an ethics course this semester because it was my favorite course in high school. I
enjoyed the heated discussions and complicated questions that were brought up and was excited
to experience it again in this course. Unfortunately for my high hopes, this course was nothing
like I expected. Ethics this semester was a lecture-based class. There was never a discussion on a
controversial topic like I had had in high school. Disappointed as I was, once I got over the fact
that this wasn’t what I expected I ended up learning a lot. I did not get the chance to think about
the issues we learned as I had hoped: via hearing the views of other students, but I did end up
learning about the main schools of ethical and philosophical thought. I also learned what specific
facets I need to write makes an intelligible essay. These are obviously relevant to my major and
my career, especially if it happens to be in law.