1920`s Newspaper Project Hot off the press! You and a team of

1920’s Newspaper Project
Hot off the press! You and a team of talented writers will be creating a newspaper section from the
1920’s. Your job is to provide full coverage of the people and events that influenced the Roaring
Be sure to let your imagination work and your creative minds soar, but be historically accurate
and specific! Please follow all directions and deadlines!
1. You and your team will be assigned one of the following topics
(Sections) to cover:
Police Blotter/Crime
2. Each person will write (2) full- length articles that will be worth 15
points each. One article must cover an event, and one article must
feature a person related to your topic.
 Each article will be between 250 and 300 words.
 Each article will be single spaced, typed and arranged
into columns.
 Each article will have an attention-grabbing title.
 Each article must be given a date(with the year that it
is closest to)
 Accurate grammar, punctuation and spelling are
 Each article should have the author’s name as a byline
Example: Helen Wills, Tennis Champion!
-Mrs. Duddles, Editor-in-Chief
3. Each person will also write (2) feature articles worth 10 points
each. Each feature article will be between 100 and 500 total
words. Each feature may only be used once in each section.
Accurate grammar, punctuation and spelling are expected.
Examples include:
 Dear Abby or advice column
 Horoscopes
Restaurant Review
Political Cartoon
4. The final product is worth 15 points. This portion is determined by
the quality, creativity, and depth of the COMPLETED newspaper
section. Therefore, 50 points are earned individually, based on
the quality of your contribution to the newspaper. The final 15
points are earned as a group.
5. To begin your research, please refer to your textbook, notes and
class handouts. As you expand your research to the internet and
books, always be sure to consider the authority of your resources.
Each group is expected to submit an MLA-format bibliography
with their completed newspaper section. We will be in the
computer lab on Friday, February 20th and the resource room on
Monday February 23rd.
6. First deadline: team assignments. Create a list with each person
in your group and the topics/people they are covering. Due by the
end of class on Friday, February 20th.
7. Final deadline: The completed newspaper sections are DUE on
Thursday, February 26th. Each group will present to the class.