Newspaper Comparison Activity (new window)

Newspaper Comparison Activity
Topic: Britney Spears on X-Factor
Working individually, read the newspaper coverage of this story dated
1st December 2008 from The Sun and The Times newspapers:
Compare how each newspaper reports this story. Also, look at the design of
each article. How much text is there? Are any pictures or videos included?
Why do you think each newspaper chose to include certain pictures?
Write up your evaluation in Word and upload it to your personal blog in
Search. Aim to write about 150 words.
Think about these points:
What is the headline? What does this tell you about the style
of article?
Have any direct quotes been included? Have these been referenced?
Does the newspaper include descriptive language? If so, what image
does it paint?
Do you think the newspaper account of events is biased? If so, why?
Do you think the newspaper coverage is accurate and reliable? If so,
After comparing these articles, do you think it is important to look at
different resources when researching a project?
Any other comments?