Our Class News

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Our Class News
Welcome Fall! This week we will continue to focus on the season of Fall. We will also
discuss and learn about apples. We will discuss how they grow and develop, the different
varieties, and different things that can be made from apples, I also have a cool science
experiment planned!
This week we will read a story called THE HANDIEST THINGS IN THE WORLD by Andrew
Clements. This is a non-fiction story that discusses using tools to make jobs easier. Our wow
words are: defeated, discover, fetch, rumble, and tool. We will focus on the letter Pp and the
/p/ sound as in piano. Our sight word is: a
Your child should be able to blend these words: am, Sam, Pam, map. When asking them to
blend a word, I always ask them to say the sounds in the word the hard way (one at a time) and
then “sing” them together. Also remember that your child should be know the sight words that
we have taught this far: a, the, we, can, I, and see.
This week we will begin a new investigation called “measurement towers”. We will learn new
math words: compare, taller, measure, and longer. In this investigation students were asked to
create a tower of cubes using only ten cubes. They were then asked to find things that were
longer or shorter than the cube tower. It is amazing how early children are able to use non
standard units to measure and compare objects. We will continue to work on investigations
such as this throughout the week.
Bring in one apple of any size or color by Wednesday
We are saving empty egg cartons. Please send them in!