Shakespeare Research Activity

Shakespeare Research Activity
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Each student will be researching Shakespeare’s life and times using the library resources
and your own knowledge. There are five different sets of questions that will be answered.
Students may use textbooks, books, class handouts, library webliography, and on-line
databases for the research. Students need to find answers for each question and will share
this information with the class, so the research they do needs to be thorough and accurate.
Categories of research:
Shakespeare’s Personal Life
1. Who were his parents?
2. Where and when was he born?
3. Who was his wife?
4. Who were his children?
5. When did he die and where is he buried?
Shakespeare’s Professional Life
1. What was the name of the acting company of which he was a member?
2. What was the name of the theater in which most of his plays were performed?
3. What signaled the theater was open?
4. What was special about the theater in which most of his plays were performed?
5. Who were groundlings?
6. What might spectators have done if they didn’t like a play?
7. Before theaters, where did plays take place?
Shakespeare’s Plays
1. How many plays did he write?
2. What three types of plays did he write (not romances)?
3. List at least two titles from each type of play that he wrote (total of six).
4. List at least five contemporary plays/movies that derived from a play that
Shakespeare wrote (should not have same title as his plays).
Shakespeare’s Time
1. What was the time period called in which Shakespeare wrote? What was the other
2. Who was the monarch at the time who helped the arts flourish?
3. What was the name of the river in London?
4. Who would have played women’s roles at this time?
5. What type of caste system was in place in British society?
Shakespeare’s Peers
1. Who was Edward DeVere?
2. What is the controversy surrounding De Vere?
3. List at least three arguments DeVere proponents give to support their side.
4. List at least three arguments Shakespeare proponents give to support their side.
5. Who was Christopher Marlowe?