WOM-21, Tin Pan Alley Notes

Late 19th Century
Tin Pan Alley
 What is it?
o Popular music publishing center of the world from around
___________ to the _____________.
o Located in ____________.
 Copyrights
o Legal concept that gives the ____________ of an original
work exclusive rights to it (usually for a limited period of
o Concept begins in __________ century
o Berne Convention (______)-as soon as an _________ work
is written, that work is ___________ (wasn’t signed until
 Stephen Foster
o Could have been a ____________
o No “____________” enforcement of copyrights until after he
 1890’s Music Industry
o Controlled by the major _____________.
o Major _____________ located in cities across country
o Made their $ through “_______________” music
o Smaller firms had the “____________” stuff
o These smaller forms centered in…_______________.
o After the American Civil War, over ____________ new
____________ a year were sold
o By 1887, over 500,000 youths were studying ____________.
o As a result, the demand for ___________ _____________
grew rapidly and more and more publishers began to enter
the ________________
o Song composers were hired under ___________ giving the
publisher exclusive ________ to popular composer's works
o ______ was becoming more of an ____________ than an art
 Advertisement
o Once a song was published, _________ ____________ were
hired and performers were persuaded to play the new
songs in their __________ to give the music exposure to the
o Song Plugger: performers who worked in ________
__________ playing the latest releases, similar to playing
new CD releases in a record store today
o By the end of the century, a number of the more important
______________ had offices on 28th street between 5th
Avenue and Broadway.
o This street (28th) became known as “______ _______
 History Behind the Name
o A newspaper writer named __________ ____________ who
while staying in New York, described the sound of the
many _________ being pounded in publisher's demo rooms
o He characterized this as sounding as though hundreds of
people were pounding on _______ ___________.
 Effects
o A single _______ could now sell 1,000,000+ copies
o Sheet music sold between ____-____ cents
o Publishers started hire ____________ daily to turn out new
o Birth of the “___________ ____________”
 Business Boom!
o By 1910:
 Publishing industry of _________ songs triples
o 30,000,000 copies of _________ __________ sold annually
 Beyond Minstrel Shows
o End of the 19th century
o Public interest moves from the minstrel show to
 Vaudeville
o A series of performances on the stage:
 _____________
 Jugglers
 _______________
 Singers
 Dancers
 ___________ ____________