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Videos for Songs2Serve: some criteria
Ideally, a song at Songs2Serve YouTube channel will be presented in three different ways;
 Video version 1; a simple tutorial with little spoken words and the camera zoomed in on the
 Video version 2; a normal performance preferably with a congregation
 Text version; texts and tabs are written down below the video (and sent to Songs2Serve in PDF)
When spoken English is a problem, then please add subtitles in English.
Studio quality is not necessary, as long as it is clear enough. Often using a good smart phone will work. At
the other hand it is important that the quality is catchy enough for the musicians we work with.
Considering rights on music or text we prefer to have some contact with us in advance.
What we aim for is that a musician after watching the video:
- Knows how to play the song on guitar or piano
- Has got suggestions (if possible) with intercultural creativity
Which songs do fit the purposes of Songs2Serve:
- Songs from a specific (non-western) culture, which are made easily available for a congregation,
by translating (parts of) the song in English
- Existing songs which are not usually sung in churches, while they suit different cultures, for
example black gospel songs
- Existing songs that has been converted suiting an intercultural context (for example by changing
- Secular songs that has been made suitable for use in the church (for example by adapting texts).
- New songs that have been written for use in an intercultural (urban) church
An example of how this video can look like;
Videos can be posted on the Songs2Serve channel at YouTube, key music4songs2serve. The S2S team
could decide to remove videos if necessary.
More information; [email protected]
Team Songs2Serve; Ton van Dijk, Gert- Jan van Dommelen, Daniel de Haan, Daniel Mohanu, Ilse Roskam
and Rieneke Visser