Seeing Sound! Daniel Benjamin Stephen Krackhardt Sam Russell

Seeing Sound!
Daniel Benjamin
Stephen Krackhardt
Sam Russell
Adrienne Pajer
• Project will create an entire light show on the
spot based on any sound input
• Prototype will take in an audio signal, from a
song to a person talking, and use LEDs to
make a matching light show
• iTunes and other music players make visual shows
to go along with songs, but these players only use
songs, and they have to look ahead in the song
due to a delay from the song to the visualization
• Our prototype will be able to create a light show
from any sound in real time
Competitive Analysis
• iTunes (free)
– not real time
– only works with songs
• Color Organ ($65)
– only does amplitude beat detection
– no intelligence
– only one color
• Christmas Tree Light Programmer ($500)
– All done by user
– done before hand
– not in real time
• Microphone
– Normal 3.5mm stereo analog output
• LED Display
– 8x8 LED Matrix
– Serial Interface
– Red/Green/Blue
• Microprocessor: BeagleBoard
– Audio in
– ARM Cortex A8 Processor
– RS-232 , I2C, I2S, SPI