Name _______________________________ Block __________ Native American Literature Ritual Songs Assignment

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Native American Literature
Ritual Songs Assignment
Song of the Sky Loom & Hunting Song/Dinni-e Sin (page 33)
Repetition is the reoccurrence of words, phrases, or lines in a piece of literature. The use
of repetition helps to reinforce important ideas and to create a regular rhythm. Some
repetition is incremental; that is, the structure of a line or a stanza is repeated a number
of times, with a slight variation in wording each time. The chart below lists purposes of
repetition that may be found in Native American songs. List one or two examples of each
function from “Song of the Sky Loom” and “Hunting Song/Dinni-e Sin.”
Functions of Repetition
Creates Regular Rhythm
Reinforces Ideas
Makes Memorable
Gives Power
Has Hypnotic Effect
Reading Analysis Questions
Use the back of this page or attach a separate piece of paper. Make sure to
answer each question completely, in complete sentences, and using examples
from the text to support your answers.
1. What do you think is the purpose of these songs? Why?
2. What attitude toward nature and the universe do you see expressed in
these songs?
3. How does the relationship towards humans and animals suggested in these
songs compare with the suggested relationships in “The World on the
Turtle’s Back?”
4. How do the attitudes toward nature expressed in these songs compare with
the attitudes toward nature common in American society today?