Animal Science -

Animal Science
North Miami Agricultural Department – Mr. Wildermuth
This course of study is for students interested in the science of animals or livestock. Emphasis will be placed on
Identification, genetics, disease control and prevention, nutrition, reproduction and animal evaluation. This course would
be ideal for students interested in farming, feed or supply business or veterinary medicine as a career.
There will be opportunities for laboratory exercises and career opportunity field trips.
Classification and terminology: Binomial system of Nomeclature, livestock terminology, and breed identification.
Assessments: Breed association letters, barnyard term sheet quiz, breed ID presentation. (3 weeks)
Anatomy – Identify the main body systems, organs, and exterior anatomy of livestock.
Physiology – Identify the functions of each body system and how they interact.
Assessments: Animal Body Systems travel brochure. Quiz. (3 weeks)
---------------------------------------------------6 weeks---------------------------------------------------------Evaluation – Poultry (1 wk), Dairy (1 wk), Beef & Swine (1 wk), Sheep/goat & horse (1 wk)
Assessments: Video, magazine, online, and lab. Judging opportunities will also be available to those interested. (4
Animal Health – Disease and parasites, vet careers, treatment, diagnosis, and prevention, medications, docking,
castration, tagging, etc. (1 week)
Nutrition and Feeding – Feed rations, feeds, additives, roughage, etc. – Possible guest speaker (1 week)
------------------------------------------------------6 weeks-------------------------------------------------------------Reproduction – Hormones, gestation, anatomy, physiology, management, A.I., parturition. (2 weeks)
Genetics and Breeding selection – Expected progeny, A.I. vs. conventional, sexed semen, traits. (1 week)
Safety and Handling – All species, Animal Welfare, Rights, HSUS, PETA, certifications, Temple Grandin video. (.5 week)
Products and Services – Animals provide…., health risks, consumer concerns. (.5 week)
Production and Management – Facility design, equipment, environment, procedures, CFO, CAFO, permits, manure
handling, etc. – Possible Field Trip to local farms (1 week)
Careers – job outlook, college needs, SAE projects, economics. – Throughout semester
Leadership – FFA, demonstrations, and judging available. Throughout semester
Finals – 1 week
Main Animals covered:
Production animals: Beef, Swine, Sheep/ Goat, Dairy, Poultry, Aquatic, Rabbit
Companion / pleasure animals: Horse & Pony, Draft, Pets, Wildlife, Service animals