presidential debate-advanced

Presidential Debate
Directions: Imagine that you are running for president of a fictitious country. Your
assignment is to write a speech detailing what exactly you would do if you were
president. In doing so, you should convince the class why you should be elected
1) First, work with a partner or small group and brainstorm an agenda that can be
written into your speech. Use the vocabulary listed below as a guide to help you.
You will have to first match up the correct word collocations
2) Write your speech, memorize it and debate another student in front of the
class. The rest of the class will then vote for president. During each debate, one
student will act as the debate moderator.
Vocabulary and Word Collocation
Increase, decrease, raise, lower, support, create, eliminate, get rid of, change,
invest, research, provide, help, make, develop, produce, manufacture, give,
protect, stop, prevent and etc.
Jobs, healthcare, taxes, environment, global warming, economy, education, equal
rights, human rights, women’s rights, policy (ex. Tax policy) scientific research,
space program, government programs, poor people, middle class, upper class and