ACTIVITY: 6102A DEBATES ________________________________________________________________________ Submitted by John Schut

Submitted by John Schut
Outcome: Students will research and defend an issue in a formal debate
Time: Two to three class periods
Materials: Research materials
Setting: Classroom and stage (if available)
Learning Activity: Students will research both sides of an agricultural issue in teams of
three or four. They should be prepared to partake in a formal debate as a team.
Assessment: Each topic that is given should have two teams, each with an opposing
The debates should be fifteen to thirty minutes in length and contain an
introduction, support for their view, critiques of the opposing view, open debate, and a
concluding remarks.
Key Points:
1. Debates are an opportunity to share both sides of an issue.
2. Arguments should be supported by facts.
3. Time limits should be set to facilitate the debate process.