Unit: Molecular Genetics
Communication Task: The GREAT DEBATE
Groups will be debating other groups on a series of topics within the field of molecular genetics,
genetic engineering and biotechnology. The focus will mainly be on the topics outlined in the
Phase One Preparation Handout. Groups are expected to gather and reflect on any research/
factual evidence that may support them in their debate position.
A list of possible debate questions will be provided one WEEK before the debate day. At this
time, groups need to arrange their information so that they are capable of arguing for or
against the question, for each of the 7 questions posed.
Before debate day, two groups will be randomly selected to debate one of the seven questions.
The groups will arbitrarily be selected as “FOR” or “AGAINST”. This process will be repeated on
consecutive days until all groups have debated.
Debate Format:
Opening Statements
Group Arguments
Closing Statements
2 mins per Group
10 minutes per Group
5 minutes per Group
2 minutes per Group
Total Time
5 minutes
20 minutes
10 minutes
5 minutes