African Heritage Role Models Resource

African Heritage Role Models Resource
Here are some photographs of famous people of African heritage.
Work with a partner to complete these activities
1. Cut out all the photos, names and descriptions and match them by
sticking them in the correct order on a separate sheet of paper.
2. Put the letter of the photo and the number of the description next to the
names on the activity grid.
3. Choose three role models of your own and create an activity for someone
African Heritage Role Models
Barack Obama
Benjamin Zephaniah
Jesse Owens
Bob Marley
Mary Seacole
Condoleezza Rice
Dr Martin Luther King Jnr
Charles Drew
Malorie Blackman
Dame Kelly Holmes
Andy Akinwolere
Jennifer Hudson
Information Sheet
(1) British Rastafarian writer and poet, wrote “Talking
Turkeys”, dyslexic, turned down OBE from the Queen,
honorary patron of the Vegan Society.
(2) Discovered the method of separating plasma from blood, so
that blood can be stored until needed. Seriously injured in a car
accident in the US in 1950. In need of blood, was rushed to the
nearest hospital but was refused attention at this hospital
because he was Black. He died before reaching a hospital that
treated Black people.
(3) Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician. The compilation
“Legend” is the best-selling reggae album ever with sales of
more than 20 million copies.
(4) Born in 1805. A Jamaican-born British nurse best known
for her involvement in the Crimean War. She was not included
in the party of 38 nurses chosen by Florence Nightingale.
Instead, she borrowed money to make the 4000 mile journey by
herself. She distinguished herself treating battlefield wounded,
often nursing wounded soldiers from both sides while under fire.
Lauded in her lifetime, alongside Florence Nightingale, but after
death was forgotten for almost a century.
(5) Blue Peter presenter. Born in Nigeria nominated for BAFTA
children’s presenter award in 2008. Accidentally damaged the
Trafalgar Square Christmas tree Star as he was attaching it from
a crane.
(6) 44th and current President of the United States of America.
The first African American to hold the office. Born in Hawaii,
attended Harvard Law School, was Professor at Chicago Law
School. He is trying to quit smoking.
(7) British Author of literature and television drama for children
and young adults. Wrote “Noughts and Crosses.”
(8) Winner of 4 Gold medals in the 1936 Olympics. The 1936
Olympics were held in Berlin in front of Adolf Hitler who
publicly stated that blacks were inferior and could not win.
Adolf Hitler angrily left the Olympics rather than be present to
watch the winner receive medals and have to shake hands as he
had done to the other winners.
(9) English middle distance athlete. Specialised in the 800
metres and 1500 metres events and won a gold medal in both
distances at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.
(10) American R&B and soul singer songwriter. She has won
all four major screen acting awards including an Academy
Award, a BAFTA, Grammy and Screen Actors Guild Award.
(11) Delivered “I have a dream” speech in 1963 to raise
awareness of the American civil rights movement. He became
the youngest person to receive the Nobel peace prize for his
work to end racial segregation and racial discrimination.
(12) Born in 1954, 66th US Secretary of State and second in line
in the administration of President George W Bush to hold office.
Was Professor of Political Science at Stanford University. An
accomplished piano player.
Activity Grid
Barack Obama
Jesse Owens
Mary Seacole
Dr Martin Luther
King Jnr
Malorie Blackman
Andy Akinwolere
Benjamin Zephaniah
Bob Marley
Condoleezza Rice
Charles Drew
Dame Kelly Holmes
Jennifer Hudson