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Meeting Minutes
October 22, 2012
Faculty Present: B. Bar, J. Bradley, C. Brown, M. Bishop, J. Bryan, L. Cody, J. Crager, H. Dever, C. Epps, A. Farmer C. Flowers, L. Gazan, D. Harris, A.
Helvig, P. Horvath, B. Ishoy, T. McClenny, D. Morris, L. Patterson, L. Robinson, J. Smith, L. Ware, T. Warren, S. Welch, C. Wilson, D. Wise, J. Yensen (online)
Staff Present: J. Hite, D. Liverman
Faculty Not Present: K. Grams, T. Naguszewski
Faculty Forum 1:30 – 2:30 pm
SONF Meeting called to order at 2:30 pm by Cindy
SONF Meeting
1. “Calling the Caring Circle” – Bonnie Bar
Clearing the mind and relaxation
2. SON A DAY campaign – Alyicia Richards
Report that the SON has achieved 100%
participation for A-Day and is invited to a Pizza
Party on 11/12/12, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm at Z-6.
4. Approval of minutes (September 24, 2012)
MOTION: Made, seconded and passed to
approve the September 24, 2012 SONF minutes
(27 yeas)
5. Committee Reports
A. Caring for Students – Shelly Crager
 ATI Policy for new curriculum
Presentation of revised policy for action (discussed
at Faculty Forum).
MOTION: Made, seconded and passed to
approve ATI policy for new curriculum (26 yeas,
1 nay)
 Medication Calculation Policy Revision –
Tammy McClenny
Presentation of revised policy for action (discussed
at Faculty Forum).
MOTION: Made, seconded and passed to
approve Medication calculation policy revision
(27 yeas)
B. Sustaining the Caring Curriculum – Betty
 NURS 3303 – Competency Based
Clinical Performance
Presentation of N3303 for action (course discussed
at Faculty Forum)
 Test Development Team Update
Test development team is moving forward with test
item analysis and work.
 QEP SON writing policy update
B. Ishoy reported that the SON policy has been
submitted to the University.
C. Caring for Faculty – Diane Wise
 Sunshine Report – Cynthia Brown
MOTION: Made, seconded and passed to
approve NURS 3303, Competency Based Clinical
Performance (27 yeas). New course will be
submitted to UAPC for review on 11/29/2012
Committee is working on the following: 1) Review,
revision and development of Associate Dean
evaluations (to be done 3 -5 years); 2) review and
revision of annual faculty evaluations. The
Search Sub-Committee is preparing ads for the
approved searches (A. Helvig, chair).
$1,000.08 in fund.
D. Evaluating the Caring Community – Mary
Students working on video to encourage classmates
to complete course evaluations. Committee
reviewing/revising evaluation tools.
E. Caring for Technological Advancement –
Susan Welch
D2L Lunch & Learns scheduled for 10/29/12,
11/5/12 and 11/12/12 at 12:00 pm. Two Google and
2 Clicker Video tutorials have been held.
6. Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education Cindy Epps
SON has already received 114 applications for the
BSN program for summer 2013 admission.
7. Associate Dean for Graduate Education –
Laurie Ware
Conducting graduate curriculum review (co-chairs
are C. Brown and M. Bishop). Students completed
midterm evaluations of courses and findings are
under review.
8. Quality Caring Curriculum Development –
Carol Wilson
Next curriculum workshop scheduled for 10/30/12
at Z-6 from 9:00am – 12:00pm.
C. Wilson to distribute agenda for Curriculum
Wrap-up scheduled for 11/30/12.
9. Office Matters – Jo Hite
Overview of travel changes for UWG to be effective
10. Old Business
 Area F Changes Update
Area F courses, NURS 2101 and 2102, approved by
the USG Academic Advisory Committee on Nursing
(AACON) and submitted to the VPAA as required
by BOR policy.
 Study Abroad Update
Plans for the first SON study abroad course are
ongoing. Visitors from Semmelweiss University in
Budapest are scheduled to visit UWG from 11/15/12
to 11/17/12. K. Grams and P. Horvath are planning a
visit there for mid-December.
 Student Participation on SON Committees
BSN students had good participation in the last SON
committee meetings. Still need RN-BSN and MSN
student representation.
L. Ware will recruit MSN students. Caring for
Student Committee will identify student
representatives and communicate their names to
committee chairs.
11. New Business
A. Report on AACON/GANDD meetings –
Cindy Epps
C. Epps has accepted a seat on the AACON
curriculum committee. Discussions have begun
concerning statewide requirements for the Area D
B. VPAA Approval for FY14 Faculty Searches
Critical hires have been approved by VPAA for 6
SON tenure track searches.
C. Fun Facts - Robert’s Rules of Order –
Dawn Liverman
Dawn presented Robert’s Rules of order.
12. Announcements and Other Business as Needed
J. Hite will request USG clearinghouse forms from
Human Resources and begin posting positions and
placing ads.
L. Patterson has been contacted by Lippincott who
is eager to work with us on textbook support.
Meeting was adjourned at 4:15 pm by C. Epps.
Respectfully submitted, Jo Hite, Executive Associate
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