Appendix H Multiple Survival Surgical Procedures

Appendix H
Multiple Survival Surgical Procedures
A major surgical procedure is defined as a surgical intervention that penetrates or
exposes a body cavity (peritoneal, thoracic, cranium), produces substantial
impairment of physical or physiologic functions, or involves extensive tissue dissection
or transection (Guide, 2011). Multiple procedures are those whereby an animal will
regain consciousness after each procedure. Procedures must be described in
Appendix C. A surgery followed by a second procedure where the animal is
euthanized is not considered multiple surgical procedures.
Surgeries performed on the animal prior to the animal’s arrival at UMMC (e.g.,
ovariectomy procedure performed by vendor) must be considered. For additional
information consult the IACUC’s policy statement on Multiple Major Surgical
Justify the need for multiple major surgical events in a single animal.
What is the time interval between the surgical events?