John Wiley and Sons Ltd Audio Visual Prize

John Wiley and Sons Ltd Audio Visual Prize
Terms and Conditions
1. Entries must be of general surgical interest suitable for an audience of
consultants and higher surgical trainees and may include topic presentations as
well as operative surgery.
2. Entries will be judged according to surgical interest, teaching value and
technical merit. Those accepted will be shown at the International Surgical
Congress and a presenter should be available for questions.
3. A list of equipment used for the production must accompany each entry,
together with the full names and qualifications of those most involved in the
making of the film (maximum four names).
4. Commentaries must be in English, and entries must be on SVHS format
videotape or DVD and be no longer than 10 minutes in duration. Any film that
lasts longer than 10 minutes will not be accepted. A 2 minute discussion will
follow each presentation.
5. The Association reserves the right to allow the Surgical Royal Colleges to
catalogue and manage the selection in their libraries.
6. The Association reserves the right not to show any entry.