Design Document

Srey Waghray
Chris Sorenson
Grade Calculator (Working Title)
Project Description: Our project will be an android app designed to handle a multitude of calculations
and functions that teachers and students often perform about their grades. On the student side we have
a GPA calculator similar to DARS that will calculate your GPA based off the inputted classes and a grade
calculator to determine what your current grade in the class is. For the teachers, we have a curve
calculator that allows them to add all the grades of their students to app, and produce a bar graph
representing the grade distribution as well as the average. Then, using this data as well as the grade
letter setter in the second part of the screen they can adjust grade-letter-assignments until they are
Stretch Features:
A “What grade do I have to get in x in order to get a y overall grade” extension on the student
side of the app.
2. Microsoft excel integration for inputting grades
Language: Java
Tools: Standard SDK
Work Split:
GUI: Chris
Calculation Logic: Srey