Foundation tier Maths GCSE Calculator Exam

Foundation tier Maths GCSE Calculator Exam – Friday 13th June (am)
Further to the non-calculator exam, the following topics have yet to be assessed.
Note: This list should be only used as a starting point for your revision – it is only what can be predicted and
will therefore not be definite as some topics do appear on both papers!
 Using the calculator including powers & roots
 Multiples, factors, primes, reciprocal, product of prime factors
 Percentage increase and decreases
 BIDMAS - order of operations
 Using decimal and negative numbers
 Proportionality including recipes
 Algebraic substitution of positive and negative numbers
 Expand brackets
 Factorise
 Trial and improvement
 Quadratic graphs
 Solving equations with brackets and unknown on both sides
 Solving Inequalities
 nth term
 Congruency and tessellations
 Plans and elevations
 3D coordinates
 Classifying shapes
 Transformations (reflection, translation, rotation, enlargement)
 Angle and length measurements
 Angle properties in polygons and parallel lines
 Bearings and scale drawings
 Pythagoras’ Theorem
 Area and perimeter of shapes inc area of a trapezium
 Circles – key terms, area and circumference (no formula given)
 Volume and surface area of a prism
 Pictograms
 Pie charts
 Frequency polygons
 Estimate the mean from frequency tables
 Theoretical probability, relative frequency and key terms
 Trial and improvement
 Quadratic graphs
 Two way tables
Please bring a calculator and Good Luck!