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1) To illuminate something means
a) to enjoy something
b) make something bright with light
c) explode with colours and noise
d) come nearer to something
2) A chapter in a book is
a) the name of the book
b) the outside part of a book
c) one of the parts of a book
d) the list of topics in a book
3) Your attitude is
a) the feeling you get when something unpleasant stops
b) the achievement of something you have wanted.
c) the way you think, feel or behave.
d) the way you do something
4) The word 'Capacity ' means
a) normal, average or standard.
b) the smallest possible number.
c) a large structure where people sit and watch sport.
d) the amount or number that a space will hold.
5) A linesman is
a) the official person in control in some sports
b) the person in control of a football team
c) a person who helps the referee
d) the player who is leader of the team
6) To disqualify someone means
a) to do something dishonest to get an advantage for yourself
b) to officially stop somebody from taking part in something
c) to talk to or make signs to someone
d) to give enough time to something or somebody
7) Supporters are
a) people who regularly watch their favorite team play
b) people who are watching a game
c) people who describe a game on TV or the radio
d) people who decide who is the winner in a match
8) An autobiography is
a) a book that gives information about many different subjects
b) the story of someone's life written by another person
c) a book that tells a fictional story
d) the story of a person's life written by the same person
Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right.
9) ______ mystery
a) People walking in the street as part of a
public celebration
10) ______ manual
b) a competition to see who is the best
11) ______ paperback
c) a book that tells you how to do something
12) ______ essential
d) easily noticed and attracting a lot of attention
13) ______ contest
e) an activity like watching a film
14) ______ striking
f) the team, the management and the ground
15) ______ parade
g) a book with a thick paper cover
16) ______ final
h) books about events that take place in the
17) ______ race
18) ______ club
i) very impressive, large, beautiful
19) ______ author
j) an area of land where a race takes place
20) ______ science fiction
k) the last game or match in a competition
21) ______ spectacular
l) come nearer to somebody or something
22) ______ blossom
m) a competition to see who is fastest or best
23) ______ medal
n) a piece of metal given to an athlete who
24) ______ lap
comes 1st, 2nd or 3rd
25) ______ entertainment
o) a place where tennis is played
26) ______ approach someone
p) one journey around a track
27) ______ court
q) the writer of a book
28) ______ circuit
r) a story in which the events are only
explained at the end
s) a flower or a lot of flowers
t) completely necessary
Word Bank
science fiction
29) I like _______________; I like reading about space travel and living on other planets.
30) An author's name is usually on his book's _______________.
31) I really enjoyed the _______________ and I especially liked the _______________ people
were wearing.
32) I prefer to be a _______________ at football matches; I don't like to participate.
33) It was a great _______________ for Abdullah to get over 90% in all his exams.
34) My _______________ is very strong; I can't beat him.
35) I'm an _______________ football player I don't play for money.
36) What's the _______________ of that book? It's called: 'Dracula's Darkest Hour.'
37) It's easy to find information in an _______________ because everything is listed in
_______________ order.
38) My _______________ is very quiet; there isn't much traffic.
39) Peter likes to _______________ through magazines in the library.
40) Their _______________ marks for the courses were very good.