050515_SCAVMA May Minutes

SCAVMA Board Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, May 5th, 2015
1. Meeting called to order 5:12pm in 2030 Valley.
2. Quorum reached, Dr. Owens present.
3. Call for last minute additions to agenda were made.
4. Approved: prior meeting’s minutes (April 14, 2015)
5. Unfinished business
 HCV/Club presidents/Club treasurers meeting in May to discuss HCV policy
o All reps, presidents treasurers required to sign HCV policy
o Likely postponed until next year (some reps not chosen yet)
 Merrill Edge presentation to discuss CDs, mutual funds, investments
o Friday, May 15th at 12pm, room TBD
o Please attend as decisions will be made.
6. New business
 Class presidents - we need your SCAVMA class rep info (if changed).
 Career Night date: September 25th, 2015
 Asclepian Ball date: September 26th 2015, 8:00-11:00pm
 AVMA convention Boston July 10-14, 2015
o SAVMA Treasurer (Eric Nickerson), SCAVMA President, President-Elect
and SAVMA Jr Del. will be going.
 MDF instruments partnership
o Sale and promotion of stethoscopes with UCD SVM logo, with a custom
website designed for us. - www.mdfinstruments.com/DavisVet
o 10% of proceeds donated to SCAVMA.
7. Officer Reports
Mackenzie Ruehl (President-Elect)
 Former SCAVMA President, Krista Prato-Matthews was recognized by Dean for
her contributions to SCAVMA during her 2014-2015 term.
 The album in remembrance of W. Engler → on our SCAVMA page
Photos received from vet schools across nation from their vet students united
ceremonies held in April.Made on shutterfly, will be posted to UC Davis
SCAVMA Facebook page and SAVMA presidents’ page
 Gratitude Committee initiative of ℅ 2018:
o Expanding it to other classes, 2 reps/class to make up committee and as
many members as possible
o $1000/yr for all 4 classes funding budgeted (Dr. Owens)
 taken from his budget and separate from club/class funding
Tereza Chylkova (Vice President)/ Monica Chen (Vice President-Elect)
 Spring PDF deadline: May 15th
o Applications will go to Tereza’s mailbox.
 New club introduction / application: Tereza Chylkova & Melissa Rothstein
presenting Veterinary Student Health & Wellness Club
Crystal Lauw (Treasurer)/Kaori Hora (Treasurer-elect)
Email coming about investing, Crystal would like a head count.
Kaori is working on the Pet Food Program.
Briana Konigsberg (UDA Treasurer)/Amanda Wong (UDA Treasurer-elect)
Account Balance (UDA) as of May 1st: $23,210.75 (current $21,607.59)
May Funding Meeting: Tuesday, May 19th @ 12:00PM in 1013 Valley
Rebeca Gomez/Elizabeth Malcolm (SAVMA Sr./Jr. Delegates)
2015 AVMA Convention - Boston (July 10 - 14), registration is free for
SAVMA registration membership renewal over the summer.
Upcoming Scholarships:
2015 National Parent Club Canine Health Conference in Saint Louis due
May 29th
ICDC “Cultural and Diversity Awareness” due July 1st
Rachel Ferris (Sr. Development Officer)/Jordan Cole (Jr. Development Officer)
Next big event- Alumni Day next fall.
Senior Buddy program for lunches for next year, potentially
Healthy food options program for new center (2016-2017) - donor support
Roxana Bordbar (CVMA Rep)
PacVet 2015 in Long Beach June 18-21.
Legislative Bulletin coming out with the Waggie next week.
Janine Fassler (Career Night Event Coordinator)
Promotional concepts; passport and raffle idea, please contact her if you
have andy raffle prize ideas.
Elizabeth Rosalia/Steven Brookenthal/Chanel Baron (Waggie Editors)
Waggie will come out in the next week or two.
Gigi Sharp/Sarah Herschler (Josh Project Coordinators)
Trip planned for May 11th 2015.
SCAVMA Class Representatives
 Emily Isaacs/Tanushri Thakran (Class of 2015 SCAVMA Representatives) - not
o Graduation May 21st- watch through online link to support Class of 2015!
o Please encourage people to look at the moving sale document
(https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17zJAfvwpsFa4i1NXhfBqWJRpD3P_dyaSBVN7vrak2Y/edit#gid=0) Lots of really great deals (especially
boards prep material + furniture) and it helps avoid spamming the classes
 Kelly Pipkin/Natalie Kremen (Class of 2016 SCAVMA Representatives) - not
o Announcements from Eric Nickerson, ℅ 2016 and SAVMA Treasurer
 Please remember to be mindful about spam emailing
 Remember that 4th years have parking priority
o AVMA scholarship due May 15th.
o http://www.avmf.org/forms/avmf-scholarship-application/
 Ryan Adams/Monica Chen (Class of 2018 SCAVMA Representatives)
o Got an award for Picnic Day float!
8. Faculty Advisor and Administration Representative Reports
Dr. Sean Owens (Junior Faculty Advisor)
Meeting with the Dean on May 6th to discuss budgeting.
9. Committee Reports
Surgery Pack Committee (Boyd Ervin, Briana Konigsberg, Michael Maynard,
Lizzie Rosalia, Molly Stock)
Packs are distributed. Collection date TBD.
Transferring this to Student Programs?
Asclepian Ball Committee (Caroline Kiert, Mackenzie Ruehl, Crystal Lauw,
Kaori Hora, 2017 VPs- Holly Abney, Justin Cupka, Heather DeLeon, Rachel Ferris,
Arielle Peterson 2017 SCAVMA reps Karima Phillips, Caroline Hogan)
Have a date, trying to get an avenue.
10. Summary of action items
 schedule HCV meeting for fall (future task)
 send email to remind board of May 15th investment meeting
 gratitude committee reps from each class
 send any ideas for career night raffle prize to janine
11. Next scheduled meeting – sometime in August, Secretary will email a doodle poll over
the summer.
12. Meeting adjourned at: 6:02pm
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