Form C4
Heriot-Watt University - Course Descriptor
1. Course
2. Course
Spanish Proficiency for Business 1
3. SCQF 10
4. Credits
6. Course
Dr. Ann McFall
5. School
Management and Languages
7. Delivery:
Location &
Collaborative Partner
Approved Learning Partner
Sem 1.
Name …………………………………Sem………..
8. Pre-requisites
9. Linked Courses
(specify if synoptic)
10. Excluded Courses
Synoptic C40EJ
11. Replacement Courses
12. Degrees for which
this is a core course
Date Of Replacement:
13. The course may be
delivered to:
UG only
PG only
MA (Hons) in International Business Management &
Languages (IBML)
14. Available as an Elective?
15. Aims
Case Studies
To enable students to operate in realistic business situations requiring a professional level of linguistic competence in Spanish.
Skills acquired include:
The ability to interpret in face-to-face negotiation;
The ability to analyse and synthesise data from written or oral sources (working both in Spanish and in English);
The ability to argue a case in both oral and written form (in Spanish and English)
Business and Society in Spain
To achieve detailed knowledge of issues and concepts pertaining to the relationship between business and society in contemporary Spain
To equip students with the linguistic resources necessary to discuss complex ideas and concepts in Spanish.
To achieve thorough understanding of the impact which a country’s specificity has on the business culture and practice of that country
To enable students to develop their ideas and strengthen their understanding of this subjects by:
a) Making powerpoint presentations on selected topics
b) Writing extended essays which require research
To foster the students’ ability to make an effective and persuasive presentation
To develop their capacity to produce a coherent and well expressed argument in academic, correct Spanish
16. Syllabus
Form C4
Heriot-Watt University - Course Descriptor
Case Studies
The Business Case Studies are based on sets of integrated materials and adopt a task based approach to the acquisition of a wide range of oral and written language skills.
Business and Society in Spain
This activity allows students to carry out individual research on a project – of their own choice - related to Spanish Business and Society. The students’ choice of topic and
an outline of their research is monitored by a lecturer who gives the students a few preparatory lectures. At the end of the semester the students do a presentation in
Spanish on their topic (using powerpoint). They are provided with feedback on this preparatory activity before going on to write up the final essay (in Spanish).
17. Learning Outcomes (HWU Core Skills: Employability and Professional Career Readiness)
Subject Mastery
Understanding, Knowledge and Cognitive
Scholarship, Enquiry and Research (Research-Informed Learning)
Demonstrate a sound knowledge of the relationship between business and society in Spain.
Demonstrate critical understanding of the main concepts and principles relating to business and society.
Critically review and consolidate knowledge, skills and practices and thinking relating to the relationship between business and society.
Develop the principal skills and practices associated with business situations requiring an advanced level of linguistic competence
Divide attention (multi-tasking).
Develop a critical understanding of intercultural and interlingual issues.
Address an audience in an appropriate manner.
Manage face-to-face interaction.
Develop a high level of competence as regards the production of text, both in Spanish and in English
Personal Abilities
Industrial, Commercial & Professional Practice
Autonomy, Accountability & Working with Others
Communication, Numeracy & ICT
Critically identify, define, conceptualise, and analyse complex/professional level problems and issues.
Offer professional level insights, interpretations and solutions to problems and issues.
Draw on knowledge of Spanish business and culture for comparative purposes
Demonstrate some originality and creativity in dealing with professional level issues.
Exercise autonomy and initiative in the execution of all tasks set
Work effectively under guidance with peers and with qualified practitioners.
Make judgements as to the selection of appropriate data, or where data/information is limited or comes from a range of sources.
Make formal presentations (written and oral) about specialised topics
Use a range of software to support and enhance work at this level
18. Assessment Methods
19. Re-assessment Methods
Duration of Exam
Weighting (%)
Synoptic courses?
(if applicable)
Continuous assessment (as part of
synoptic course)
20. Date and Version
Date of Proposal
Duration of Exam
(if applicable)
Date of Approval by
School Committee
Date of
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