P&T 2014-05-15 Minutes

May 15, 2014
1. Sharron Schaafsma called the meeting to order at 4:30 PM.
2. Roll Call:
Present: Kaye Stewart, Sharron Schaafsma, Todd Overhuel, Sandy Lamorandier. Absent: Crystal
Overhuel, Marty Lohse, Bill Robertson. Also attending, Public Works Superintendent Rick Updike.
3. Approval of Minutes:
Commissioners noted that they did not receive the park maps; Rick Updike will email them to City
Hall for printing and distribution.
Todd Overhuel moved to accept and place on file the minutes of 04/17/214 as presented.
Sandy Lamorandier supported the motion. On voice vote, motion carried unanimously.
4. Parks:
Sherwood Park
A. Signs
Rick Updike reported that he can install the signs he ordered on city streets but MDOT will not
allow them on M-89. MDOT must build and install any signs put there. Their proposal is for brown
and white signs 114” wide, which is extremely large for our 35 MPH residential locations.
Commissioners urged Updike to continue working with MDOT to obtain signs of a size and style
similar to the airport sign they put up. Todd suggested that, if negotiations fail, we contact
property owners about installing the signs we have outside the MDOT right-of-way.
B. Curb Paint
The VFW has asked that we paint the curb yellow at the sidewalk entrance in front of the
Veterans Memorial, to keep it open for those needing to drop passengers off. Rick will check with
Public Safety and take care of it.
Kaye Stewart reported several maintenance items at the park and Rick made note of them.
Sandy noted that, while Kaye was gone, Commissioners decided to email any concerns as they
are found to the entire Parks & Trees group. That way Rick can address them as they come in,
and all the other commissioners know that the issue has already been reported.
Pell & Hicks Parks
Todd reported that they have not set a pour date for the concrete on which to set the table in Pell
Todd reported that Hicks Park has a hole at the bank in a bed near the river walk. Rick will fill it.
Todd asked about plant to paint the light poles. Updike stated that they should be sand-blasted
and coated but there is no money for that, so he will have the crew paint them with Rustoleum.
Kenyon Park
Sharron asked about signs on 8th Street to help direct people to the park; Rick has those signs
and will install them.
Sharron reported that one of the wood team benches has a broken, jagged end. Rick will cut it off
even, or replace the top. All the field signs need to be repainted, Rick will schedule this. There is
a variety of litter left at the fields. Rick will call Joe Ablan, as that type of maintenance is his
responsibility, and will also follow up on getting Joe to sign this year’s contract.
The City of Plainwell is an equal opportunity provider and employer
Darrow Park
Sandy feels that the kiosk is too large for such a small park, and asked if it could be moved to
another park, maybe Cook, or moved near the river where the grass refuses to grow. No one is
sure where the park boundaries lie.
Mrs. Darrow has asked to place a memorial bench in the park. Commissions felt that, because
this park is so small, this will probably be the only bench it will have and Mrs. Darrow can
probably choose the style she prefers, subject to city approval.
Riverwalk Park \ Band Shell \ CBD
Kaye asked about using the extra MDOT benches at the band shell, to provide more seating for
the events held there. Rick will check whether that is a location MDOT would approve.
5. Other Business
A. Planting Day
Commissioners will start at 6:30 AM, to put the flowers out at the various locations where they will
be planted. Sandy is buying doughnuts and will bring a cooler of water, Sharron and Kaye will
bring juice. Rick will make sure the electric and irrigation are on, and will provide an extension
cord, coffee pot and trowels. Cups, glasses, stirrers, hot chocolate, plastic gloves and
appreciation gifts are left over from last year.
Todd will store the gator at this house for the summer. Rick will get the watering equipment
We are grouping the street planters on the downtown corners this year. Commissioners asked
Rick to ensure that the hanging pots are within wand reach from the ground. Last year some were
so high they had to stand in or on the gator to reach them.
6. Public Comments
7. Staff Comments
8. Chairman’s Report
9. Commissioners’ Comments
Kaye Stewart noted that the new street trees along M-89 need to have the guide wires and stakes
Kaye Stewart said she remembers that the city used to fly American flags all along E. Bridge Street
during parades such as the Memorial Day parade, and asked if it would be possible to do that now.
The utility poles do not have flag holders, we would need to purchase and install holders, poles and
flags and there is no funding available for that.
Kaye Stewart noted seeing a blonde squirrel; other commissioners have also seen them.
Todd Overhuel will pick up the gator as soon as it is ready.
Sandy Lamorandier reported that Arbor Day went well. She expressed concern that the tree branches
will grow up into the wires and asked Rick Updike to recheck the location of the tree and see if the
tree should be moved back a few feet, to prevent Consumers Energy from chopping the side off in a
few years.
Kaye Stewart asked about posts and plaques marking memorials. These need to be reported to DPW
for mapping and tracking, as well as repair if needed.
The City of Plainwell is an equal opportunity provider and employer
Kaye Stewart noted that signs need to be straightened on all the streets and parks in town.
10. Next Meeting
The next meeting will be Thursday, June 11, 2014.
11. Adjournment
Sandy Lamorandier moved to adjourn the meeting. Todd Overhuel supported the motion. On
voice vote, motion carried unanimously.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:53 PM.
Minutes Respectfully Submitted,
Sheryl Gluchowski
Deputy Clerk
The City of Plainwell is an equal opportunity provider and employer
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