Professional Services

Self Awakening
Growth Experience
Todd Hershey
• We start with a complete overview of
the SAGE process. Including your life
purpose and leadership strategies
followed by a Q&A period.
• Goal planning strategies: action plan
visualization, with outcome based
implementation for team unity.
• Building success: individual and team
leadership strategies to promote
maximum achievement.
• Mind mapping exercises: releasing
ineffectual patterns and embracing
positive concepts.
• Conflict resolution: manifesting new
solutions to internal and external
The Strategy of Creating
► Topic
one: seeing where you are
at and identifying where you
want to go.
► Topic two: analyzing and
internalizing the necessary steps
to achieve your outcome
► Topic three: transcending what
you already have, and leading
others to greater things.
► Topic four: leadership as an
inspiration in your own life so
that you can become an
inspiration to others.
Process Overview
This pyramid
structure will be
used throughout
the class.
Each part is based
upon one of the
levels of the
The first section or
base will deal with
what is happening
in a persons life
The second section
will deal with
choices that are
The third section
will deal with the
direction you will
The Forth section
or top will deal with
the outcome you
Part One
Defines where a person is in their
Personal life physically, emotionally,
mentally and spiritually
Next comes learning about balance
and how balance effects a persons
life and the lives around them.
Example: exercise to reinforce
learning; People break off into pairs
to create a vision of what they
want to create and what they are
willing to give to get what they
want. They then receive feedback
from partners.
Part Two
• Explores the intentions, actions and
possible outcome of a persons decision
around their work.
Recognize leadership cause and effect
Example: the second exercise deals with
genuineness and relate-ability. Each
person is to share with another person
something of themselves or work
situation. It can be a, story or truth. After
partners are finished, individuals will form
groups of five people and perform the
same task. At that point the group will
give feedback to the individuals based on
the individuals visualization.
Part Three
Looks at what a persons knows
about success and how did they
come to know it? And does what
you know serve you well?
Team building exercise at looking
beyond what you know and
becoming more conscious of
leading the people around you.
Example: we start with a very
unique and specific process to
create a mission statement unlike
anything the individuals have
done before. This method is then
followed by creating a collected
vision of how and what the group
is looking to create. This part will
be done individually and then in a
group dynamic.
Session Four
We look at the idea of energy; where
it comes from and where it goes,
along with how other people’s
energy and the places that we are in
affect us and our ability to lead.
How to manifest the relationships
and long-term success you always
Exercise: to reinforce learning;
starting with individual energy
direction techniques, followed by an
entire class of inspiration and
leadership generation.
Review the entire individual experience
and group interaction, facilitate a
completed leadership strategy so as to
implement a plan of action in each
department upon the return to your life or
Define ways to apply leadership training
to your life or to managers to create
positive situations in order to maximize
Create a unified team vision for your life
or upper-level management to bring back
and enact on a day-to-day basis to create
cohesiveness and maximum impact in the
Where to Get More
Please contact:
Todd Hershey
 415 377-3954
 Skype: Todd Hershey in San