CSc 227 Summer
Beginning 3-June-2013
Rick Mercer and Lane Simons
 We have maxed out enrollment
 50 students in 906 Gould Simpson
 15 students in an online section
 Recorded lectures, two screencasts each day
 Approximately 1:00-2:00 & 2:10-3:00 MTWTh
 Using a new system, Panapto, to record Rick’s voice and
everything that happens on the computer
 Can view screencasts after clicking on the link in D2L
 You may be viewing that Panapto recording now
 Should be available within an hour of actual recording
 Lab time in 930 or 906 GS approximately 3:00-3:50
 On line students may attend or complete work on your time
 Two semesters in 5 weeks, 3-June to 3-July
 ABOR policy: devote 36 hours per week for this 4 unit course
(range is more like 24-48 hours)
 You will always have a project that is due in a few days from
the day it was assigned
 You will often have two assignments at the same time
 Small programs or JavaBats in addition to large 100 pointers
 You may feel overwhelmed at times:
 8 units worth of topics in one third of a semester weeks
 Online students can take tests in 906 GS
 Or you must arrange a proctor, which can be troublesome
(see syllabus for suggested places to take your tests)
Things to know
 We will use D2L for a few things:
 Website:
 The book is available for free online
 Rick will have 6 copies for sale on the first day of lecture
for $20 see syllabus for link to
 Last day to get your money back if you drop?
 Tuesday, 4-June
 Last day to withdraw with a “W”
 Friday 7-June
 CS to use computers in 930GS (created)
 D2L Links to screencasts website, grades, drop boxes for
some assignments (created)
 CodingBat allows us to find your work for some
assignments (instructions to create on assignment)
 Piazza Questions and Answers (will receive an email or you
can sign up on your own)
 WebCat To turn in most large (100 pt) assignments.
Provides feedback and auto grading (will receive email)