b. Determine the meaning of the new word formed when a known

Sample Assessment Questions ELACC.3.L.2.e
(This is not meant to be printed off and given as a test…this document is to give you
ideas of how this standard might be assessed. Please use these as an example when
you are developing your own formative assessments. Remember formative assessments
are to be given throughout the teaching of a standard to help you guide your instruction
based on students needs. A good formative assessment should have a mix of multiple
choice as well as open ended.)
Adding Suffixes to Base Words- 3L2e
Add the suffixes er and est to the words below. Use
the suffix in the ( ) after the word. Write the new word on the line.
1. thick (er) ____________________________________
2. tall (est) ____________________________________
3. silly (est) ____________________________________
4. long (er) ____________________________________
5. mad (est) ____________________________________
6. friendly(er) ____________________________________
1. sleepy(est) _________________________________________
2. pretty (est) _________________________________________
3. soft (er) _________________________________________
4. crazy(est) _________________________________________
5. loud (er) _________________________________________
6. tough (est) _________________________________________
7. bright (er) _________________________________________
8. sad (er) _________________________________________
9. lucky (est) _________________________________________
10. nasty (er) _________________________________________
11. lazy (est) _________________________________________
12. tiny (er) _________________________________________
13. scary (est) _________________________________________
14. dark (er) _________________________________________
15. strong (est) _________________________________________
16. weak (er) _________________________________________
17. jolly (est) _________________________________________
18. fast (er) _________________________________________
19. lovely (est) _________________________________________
20. sweet (er) _________________________________________
Directions: Use the words in the box to complete the sentences below.
showed jumped
1. I am _______________ on the phone with my grandparents.
2. My brother and I _______________ on the trampoline yesterday.
3. My friends and I _______________ to school last week.
4. The mouse is _______________ around the house for the cat.
5. Jack _______________ on the phone last night.
6. I _______________ my dad what I found last week.
7. Megan is _______________ all over the mall and shopping.
8. My grandpa is _______________ up and down right now!
9. It has been two weeks since I _______________ in the attic.
10. Tom is _______________ me where to put my books.
For each item, draw a line between the base word and the suffix. Then use
your knowledge of word parts to predict each word’s meaning.
EXAMPLE thank/ful (adjective) Meaning:
full of appreciation
1. joyful (adjective) meaning:
2. leader (noun) meaning:
3. strangely (adverb) meaning:
4. agreeable (adjective) meaning:
5. temptation (noun) meaning:
6. hairless (adjective) meaning:
7. darkness (noun) meaning:
8. hunter (noun) meaning:
9. amusement (noun) meaning:
10. subtraction (noun) meaning:
For each item, circle the suffix of the boldfaced word. Then use context clues to
predict the word’s meaning.
1. My birthday was full of excitement and fun. meaning:
2. Brent wore sunglasses because of the brightness of the day. meaning:
3. Are those new shoes comfortable, or do they pinch? meaning:
4. Celia caught a cold that left her feeling tired and powerless. meaning:
5. It took three weeks, but I finally finished my science project. meaning:
6. My new camera develops pictures instantly, in the blink of an eye. meaning:
7. A local banker visited our class to talk about managing money. meaning:
8. “I’m extremely pleased with your behavior,” said our smiling teacher. meaning:
9. Learning to skate can be painful. I fell at least 30 times! meaning:
10. I went in the wrong direction—east instead of west. meaning:
Add two suffixes to each base word to create two new words. Then write a
sentence using one of the new words. The spelling of some of the base words may
change when adding a suffix.
color new word colorful new word colorless
sentence: Terri made a colorful sketch using green, blue, and purple pencils.
EXAMPLE base word
1. base word: move
new word: _________________ new word:__________________
2. base word: hope
new word: _________________ new word: _________________
3. base word: shy
new word: _________________ new word: _________________
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