Religious Education
Shape and Measurement
Take a number of rectangular prisms from your
pantry and measure the volume - for example,
cereal box, muesli bar box
Challenge - Find the volume of cylinders (cans)
Catholic MIssions
Expressing Opinions
Share the Catholic Missions website with your
Look at the themes, the clips and how we can be
more aware of others in our world.
From the topics you found in the news last grid, try
preparing and delivering a 30 second impromptu
speech that states your opinion supported by at
least 3 facts.
LOTE - Italian
Note-taking and Opinions
Read your novel for Book Club and remember to
take notes to discuss with your group.
Home Tasks
Term 4 Weeks 3 - 4
Get your costume and Ancient Rome facts ready
for Italian Day.
Share, Teach, Explain
Brain Fitness
Inquiry Research
COHR Feast Day
How we celebrated our COHR feast day and why
you think it’s important we do so.
Also share something new that’s on our class blog
and explain how it is related to our class learning.
Ancient Rome - Can you find?
Who’s who in ancient Rome?
Ten ancient Roman buildings
Ten animals found in Ancient Rome
Ten games played in Ancient Rome
Needs and Wants
Record all the brand names of items in your house.
Make a table and record the country of origin and
the county of manufacture.
These activities are for the following two weeks. Maths and Reading are compulsory. Plan out your home tasks over the two weeks and bring your work back
to school on Tuesday and Thursday of each week for sharing.
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