Ancient Rome Quiz # 1 Vocabulary

Chapter 7 Ancient Rome
Section 1 The Geography of Ancient Rome
Vocabulary p. 161
1. Basin – An area of low – lying land surrounded by higher land.
2. Rome – The capital of Italy and the former center of the ancient Roman
Republic and the Roman Empire.
3. Sicily – An Italian island off the Southwestern tip of the Italian Peninsula.
4. Alps – A major European mountain range, extending in an arc from the
Mediterranean coast to the Balkan Peninsula.
5. Apennines – A mountain range that extends down the Italian Peninsula.
6. Gaul – Historical name for region that is part of modern France.
Building Skills
Vocabulary p. 164
7. Contour Map – A map that shows the shape of the land and gives detailed
information about the earth’s surface.
8. Contour Line – A line on a contour map that connects areas of the same
9. Altitude – Height above sea level.
10.Relief – The variation in elevation of an area of the earth’s surface;
description of the roughness of land.