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Healthcare Issues
In a recent survey, CHMB asked healthcare executives to rank 5 issues affecting healthcare in order of the
impact the issue has on the overall healthcare system today.
#1 Issue: Escalating Healthcare Costs & Loss of Healthcare Funding
As new and innovative models of care such as accountable care
organizations, patient centered health care home, transition of care
programs and patient engagement emerges, it is difficult to find controls
to contain escalating healthcare costs. In addition, there is a decrease of
federal health care funds due to sequestration cuts and Affordable Care
Act-mandated cuts.
#2 Issue: Downward Pricing Pressure From Commercial Payers
Commercial payers have recently become aggressive in their rate
negotiations. If they start cutting reimbursements, it would put
health systems in a negative position unless they cut more costs.
#3 Issue: Increased Demand for Diverse Technology
IT expenditure to support physician practices is growing significantly.
Expanded use of technology is being counted upon to improve the
healthcare experience for patients. For physicians and others in the
care process; adopting, learning and deploying technology can be very
difficult. Health system IT departments are faced with unprecedented
technology investment, integration and support challenges. Physician
alignment and integration success must occur while juggling
competing priorities with existing hospital IT initiatives.
#4 Issue: Difficulty with Managing & Reporting Data
Because of the complexity and size of health care data, working with it
can be frustrating and challenging as each new data set often has unique
issues and problems. Healthcare information is a rapidly evolving and
difficult-to-understand breed of data. The inability for many to receive
actionable information proactively and in real time is often an obstacle to
forward progress.
#5 Issue: Physician Practice Consolidation
Physician practices are being acquired at a rapid rate. The on-going
consolidation of medical practices around hospitals has numerous
consequences including potentially lower productivity rates amongst
physicians and other business combination or integration challenges.
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