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Press Release
Editor: Uwe Henning
Wilo carries out a pump project in one of Hamburg's
emblematic buildings
The Elbe Arcades –
sustainable, multi-faceted and
Hamburg's city centre is becoming energy efficient. Europe's largest urban
development project is currently underway in the Hanseatic city. By mid-2020,
dwellings for up to 12,000 people will have been built, generating about 45,000
jobs at the same time – and all with a wonderful view of the River Elbe. One
particularly outstanding construction project is the building complex on the
eastern bank of the Magdeburg Dock: the Elbe Arcades. The exceptional project
was undertaken with pumps from Wilo.
The Elbe Arcades combine a wide range of possible uses under one roof: The
building offers space not only for restaurants, leisure activities and residential
dwellings but also commercial units and offices used by companies in different
sectors. A construction split into three parts has been built according to the
design of the Bob Gysin & Partner architectural bureau from Zurich. The
northern wing and central section provide space for, amongst other things,
125 dwellings and the company, designxport GmbH. The southern wing is
used by Greenpeace Deutschland as its new base. Even before it had been
built, the Elbe Arcades had already been acknowledged as setting the gold
Nachhaltiges Bauen (DGNB), as well as winning the gold category of the
HafenCity (Port City) environmental predicate. One component in the
building's sustainable overall concept is its efficient pump technology.
Nortkirchenstraße 100
44263 Dortmund
Press Release
It provides for an energy-saving supply to the building and ensures that the
cooling systems, heat supply and sanitary areas function smoothly. The eightstorey construction on the banks of the Elbe provides an area of just under
60,000 square metres; highly efficient pumps manufactured by Wilo are used
in all three of its application areas.
Greenpeace headquarters uses the earth, wind and sun
The building's focus on sustainability is made particularly clear in the southern
wing, with the headquarters of Greenpeace Deutschland. Here, the energy
concept is optimised both by downhole heat exchangers and a heat pump as
well as wind power, photovoltaics and a wood pellet boiler. 23 Wilo-Stratos
glandless circulation pumps are used for the heat supply via static and
dynamic heating systems. Twelve more pumps of this type have been
installed for the cooling system. Two electronically controlled glanded pumps
of the CronoLine-IL-E model supply the heat exchanger on the top floor with
glycol. The other tenants, Initiative Media and DS-Bauconcept, also benefit
from the highly efficient heat supply.
Wilo pumps provide an enhanced standard of comfort
Whereas the headquarters of Greenpeace Deutschland mainly use office
spaces, the middle section of the building is more focussed on exhibition
spaces and workrooms for the Hamburg creative economy. A total of 16 Wilo
pumps of the Stratos type form part of the heating and cooling system. The
tenants of the northern wing have completely different requirements. The
majority of this section is devoted to luxury apartments. Furthermore, the two
basement levels of this wing contain a public car park as well as utility rooms
and storage areas for use by the tenants. The rented apartments are heated
not only by static and dynamic heating surfaces but also by underfloor
heating. Once again, highly efficient pumps from the Wilo-Stratos series are
used here.
Nortkirchenstraße 100
44263 Dortmund
Press Release
In the water heating system, the TOP-Z circulation pump with three
preselectable speed stages offers power adaptation for reliable drinking water
tank heating. In the circulation pipe, the highly efficient Wilo-Stratos ECO-Z
circulation pump is used – it has been specially designed for drinking water
applications. Furthermore, all the sections of the building feature lifting units
of the DrainLift XXL model, pressure boosting systems of the CO 3 MVI 408
and 407 models as well as type TS50 and TS40 submersible pumps.
The Wilo pumps were installed in the cooling, heating and sanitary areas by
Imtech Deutschland GmbH und Co. KG. "We've worked with Imtech for many
years now. Our good contacts with Imtech are useful when it comes to project
work so that we can get Wilo specified for projects on this scale," says
Andreas Ort of the field sales force of WILO SE.
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