Study Guide 3 7 stochiometry molar mass

Study Guide for Chapter3 & 7
l. Define Mole:
2. Define Molar Mass:
3. Calculate Molar Mass of:
Sulfuric Acid
4. Define Avogadro’s number:
5. What is the numerical value for Avogadro’s number?
6. Determine the mass in grams of the following:
a. 2.00 mol N
b. 2.5 mol NH4OH
7. Determine the amount of moles of the following:
a. 12.15g Magnesium
b. 1.5 x 1023 atoms F
c. 3.125 x 1016 molecules NaCl
8. Determine the amount of molecules in the following:
a. 1.0g of KCl
b. 25g of Fe2S3
3. 5.34g of KO2
9. Write formula for finding % Composition
10. Write the steps for solving for Empirical Formula.
11. Define Empirical Formula
12. Define Molecular Formula
13. Write the steps for solving for Molecular Formula
14. Determine the empirical formula for the following experimental percentages:
36.5% sodium, 38.1% oxygen, 25.4% sulfur.
15. Determine the molecular formula for monosaccharide (simple sugar) CH2O. The molar mass
from analysis is 153 grams per mole. What is the real world molecular formula for this
16. An organic acid, is found in various plants and produced synthetically and used mainly in
resins, paints, varnishes, and inks. Its percent composition is 41.39%C, 3.45%H, 55.14%().
The sample experimental molar mass was determined to be 116.07 grams/mole. Calculate
empirical formula and then the real world molecular formula for this organic acid.