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11 EYLÜL 2013
1. Optik cevap kâğıdında bulunan adı / soyadı, yabancı dili, okul kodu, sınava girdiği sınıf numarası ve öğrenci
numarası bölümlerini kurşun kalemle kodlayınız.
2. Soru kitapçıklarını aldığınız zaman derhal sayfaların eksik olup olmadığını, kitapçıkta basım hatalarının
bulunup bulunmadığını kontrol ediniz. Eksik sayfalı ya da basımı hatalı olan soru kitapçığını değiştirmek için
sınav gözetmenine başvurunuz.
3. Cevaplarınızı optik cevap kâğıdı üzerine kurşun kalemle kodlayınız. Soru kitapçığı üzerindeki cevaplar
4. Bu sınavda verilen toplam cevaplama süresi 120 dakikadır. Sınavın ilk 30 ve son 15 dakikası içinde hiçbir
öğrenci dışarı çıkarılmayacaktır. Yukarıda belirtilen süreler dışında sınavı tamamlamanız halinde, cevap
kâğıdınızı ve soru kitapçığınızı sınav gözetmenine teslim ederek salonu terk edebilirsiniz.
5. Sınav süresinin bittiği ilan edilip cevap kâğıtları ve soru kitapçıkları sınav gözetmeni tarafından toplanıncaya
kadar yerlerinizde kalınız.
6. Cep telefonu ve her türlü bilgisayar özelliği bulunan cihazlarla; kitap, sözlük, sözlük işlevi olan elektronik
aygıt vb. araçlarla sınava girmek yasaktır.
7. Sınav gözetmenine sınavla ilgili soru sormayınız.
8. Binadan ayrılırken koridorlarda konuşmayınız ve gürültü yapmayınız.
11 Eylül 2013 Yeterlik Sınavı II. Aşama Puan Aralıkları
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25 puan
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50 puan
A. For questions 1-25, read the texts below and write the word which best fits in each space. Use only ONE
word in each space.
Marilyn Monroe, who was born Norma Jeane in 1926, was probably the most celebrated actress and model of
all times. Norma was noticed for her beauty by photographer David Conover, who offered her a modelling
job, while she was working in a factory. Soon she stopped _________1 there and started her new career at the
Blue Book modelling agency. She became one of their most successful models. In 1946, she became an actress
and _________2 given the name Marilyn after the actress Marilyn Miller. She suggested her mother's maiden
name Monroe as her surname. That was _________3 the twenty-year-old Norma Jeane Baker became "Marilyn
Monroe" over a night. During her first six months at 20th Century Fox, Monroe was given no acting work.
Instead, she spent time _________4 backstage work. After six months, she was given minor roles in two
movies, Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! and Dangerous Years, which were released in 1947. The films didn’t appear
to _________5 attracted the expected publicity and attention. _________6, Fox refused to sign another
contract with her. Monroe was desperate for money at the time and she considered working for a Hollywood
agency _________7 make a living. She tried to meet _________8 important filmmakers in the meantime. In
1953, Monroe became the world’s biggest movie star with her excellent performances in Gentlemen Prefer
Blondes and How to Marry a Millionaire. The final years of Monroe's life were marked by illness and personal
problems. The circumstances of her death, from an overdose of barbiturates, _________9 been the subject of
speculation. Although officially classified _________10 a "probable suicide," the possibility of an accidental
overdose or homicide, have not been ruled out.
The industrial revolution in the 19th century saw the beginning of air pollution in Europe on a large scale and
the presence of smog* in Britain. The industries and the households mainly used coal for heating. _________11
to the burning of coal in winter months, emissions of smoke and sulphur dioxide were greater in urban areas
than they were in summer months. Smoke particles _________12 were trapped in the fog gave it a black colour
and this smog often settled over cities for many days. The effects of smog _________13 human health were
obvious, particularly when smog lasted for several days. Many Londoners suffered respiratory problems, and
hundreds of deaths_________14 recorded. A cloud of dense, harmful smog would often cover the city. It was in
1873 _________15 the first smog-related deaths took place in London. The initial toll was 500, but it reached
2000 just over 7 years. London had one of its _________16 experiences with smog in December 1892. It lasted
for three days causing about 1000 deaths. _________17 the improvements in air quality during the 20th
century, another major smog occurred in December 1952. This time it went on for five days and brought about
4000 deaths. After this disaster, the government passed a law in 1956, which aimed to control domestic
sources of smoke pollution _________18 introducing smokeless zones. Relatively little was done to support
environmental protection _________19 the middle of the 20th century. Today, smoke and sulphur dioxide
pollution in cities is far lower than it _________20 to be, as a result of legislation to control pollution emissions.
* smog: a kind of air pollution caused by smoke and fog
The Neanderthals, who inhabited Europe about 230,000 years ago, were the descendants of Homo erectus.
They were named after a valley in Germany where their remains were first discovered in 1856. _________21
about 170 centimetres tall, the average male was almost as tall as his modern European descendant. But he
_________22 have had stronger muscles since a Neanderthal is known to have been strong enough to kill, fight
and carry large animals. They were mostly meat-eaters and mainly hunted horses and reindeers. Hunting
requires coordination and forward planning, but how intelligent were the Neanderthals? If brain size were the
only measure of intelligence, then the Neanderthals _________23 have been about 6% cleverer than humans.
However, brain size is not necessarily an indication of intelligence. Although they had mastered the technique
of producing stone tools, the range was limited and did not develop much over 100,000 years. Despite
_________24 ability to control fire, they didn't make permanent shelters or home bases. They could
communicate, but their language _________25 not have been very sophisticated as evidence shows that they
were not highly intellectual.
B. Rewrite each sentence by using the word in parentheses so that it has a similar meaning.
26. It is believed that Stonehenge was used to measure the motions of the sun and moon. (TO)
27. The examiner will accept your answer only if your handwriting is legible. (UNLESS)
28. I spent all those years doing a job I was not really interested in and I regret it now. (WISH)
29. It takes two days for the administration to approve your application. (GET)
30. It was not a good idea to apologise to her so late. (SHOULD)
31. My brother is such an ambitious person that he never gives up easily. (SO)
32. “I did not copy my essay from the Internet”. (DENIED)
The student
33. Your success depends on how hard you study. (HARDER)
34. No matter what happens, we’ll meet here tonight. (EVER)
35. The lawyer read all the reports about the trial and then made a claim. (HAVING)
Read the following passage and write the CORRECT FORM of the word in given spaces.
Akita Keizaihoka University has recently introduced a ban on “unusual” hairstyles and colourings,
as well as pierced earrings and body piercings that might make other people feel
_____________36. The university regulations state, in particular, that students should avoid
bright coloured dyes, maintain decency, and have hygienic hair. The university has threatened to
take disciplinary action against students who _____________37 the rules. He also said it would
also offer a financial gift of 10,000 yen (£45) to each of the students to make
their_____________38 of the ban easier. However, some students have criticized the move as an
attack on their freedom of _____________39. The chief director of the university, Ken Koizumi,
blamed worsening public morality on the increasing number of young people with no skills who
switch between part-time jobs and make no _____________40 to society. He thinks that a poorly
turned-out student represent the university badly. The university claims the regulations were
designed to _____________41 students to behave as upstanding members of society, and
considers it the university’s responsibility to do something about the problem. So far, whether or
not the new regulation will help to _____________42 in strengthening university’s reputation is
still being discussed by the public.
Read the following passage and choose the word that best completes the numbered spaces. Give only ONE
answer to each question and do NOT change the form of the words. There are EXTRA WORDS that you don’t
Why aren't some people satisfied with traditional sports such as tennis, basketball, and skiing? Why do they
feel the need to push their limits and do extreme sports like white water rafting or canyoning, which
____________43 a lot of danger? One answer may be that life today is much easier than it was in the past. Dayto-day survival used to be much more physical than it is nowadays. Our ancestors used to ____________44
most of their time to physical activities such as hunting and farming, that is chasing down animals and
labouring to raise crops. Nowadays, the food-gathering workout for the average person is nothing more than
pushing a shopping cart down a supermarket aisle, which is not really a/an ____________45 experience. Many
people today work at jobs that ____________46 them to use their brains, but not their bodies. With the
Internet, it's true that there is a whole world of information at our fingertips, but much of it is second-hand.
The ____________47 of this situation is that many of us do not directly experience the things that we already
know. Here is another reason why extreme sports are gaining popularity: when faced with a highly exciting
situation, the body starts to ____________48 the hormone adrenaline. According to both research and the
extreme athletes themselves, this hormone creates a state of ____________49 excitement. The extremists
eventually become “adrenaline junkies” and they end up being unable to do without adrenaline. They feel
____________50 to put their lives at risk and enjoy the excitement.
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Choose ONE of the topics below and discuss it in a well-developed essay of about 300 words.
 Some people believe that artists are just as important to society as scientists are.
 Some people believe that first impressions are very accurate. Others get to know someone before
forming an opinion about them. What do you think?
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