A New National Identity 11.1 pp

A New National Identity
1815 - 1840
Chapter 11.1
The Era of Good Feelings
Era of Good Feelings
1815 - 1824
Period of relative
peace & nationalism
following War of 1812
James Monroe was
US / British Relations Improve
Rush-Bagot Agreement (1817):
Demilitarized the Great Lakes
Convention of 1818:
Established border between the
US & Canada at 49th Parallel
Crisis over Florida 1819
Many Americans wanted to take
over Spanish Florida
Seminole Indians raided Georgia &
helped runaway slaves
Monroe sent Gen. Andrew Jackson
to secure the border.
Jackson Invades Florida!
Started war with Seminole & Hanged 2
British Privateers
Secretary of State John Quincy Adams
got Spain to sell Florida to the USA!
Spain’s American Empire
Collapsed by 1823
New Latin American Nations formed
with help of revolutionaries like Simon
The USA feared that other European
nations may try to move in
Monroe Doctrine 1823
President Monroe &
Sec. of State Adams
declared that the…
– “US
will not
tolerate any future
colonization of
the Western