(Year 1: FTD47, FTD49) (Year 2: FTD39, FTD41, FTD43, FTD44

(Year 1: FTD47, FTD49)
(Year 2: FTD39, FTD41, FTD43, FTD44, FTD47, FTD48, FTD51)
Online Registration Information for General Education Courses
(Semester A, 2015/16 Academic Year)
On-line registration Date: 31 August 2015
For your registered programme, you are required to take ONE General Education (GE) course(s)
in semester A. Students should enroll the GE course(s) on their own during the following
registration period via Student Portal (MyOUHK for students). The registration guideline is
attached for your reference.
GE Course Online Registration Period:
31 August 2015 09:30 – 18:00  Year 2 Students only
31 August 2015 12:30 – 18:00  All Students
The following 6 GE courses available in Sem A, 2015/16:
Areas of Knowledge
Course Code
Course Name
Students from the
following programmes
CANNOT choose this
particular course
as GE Elective Course
Area 1: Arts,
Cultures and
Culture and Design
Photographic Art and
Area 2: Business
and Quantitative
Managing Personal
Contemporary Tourism
FTD52, FTD55
Health and Wellness
Sex, Gender and Love
FTD39, FTD49
Area 3: Health,
Lifestyle and the
Detailed course objectives, learning outcomes and assessments are posted on the institute
website. OUHK LiPACE Student Area You may refer to the course information to help you to
choose the GE course.
While choosing GE course(s), kindly note the following:
Course places availability is on first come first serve basis. Students will not be able to
register the course when it is full.
If you do not register any GE course on 31 August, the Institute reserves the right to assign
any eligible GE course to you.
You are NOT allowed to choose a GE course which will duplicate with your own subject
area OR course(s) you studied in LiPACE before. Please refer to the last column of the table
above for list of programmes that are excluded to particular GE courses.
If there are more than one GE course structured in your programme, you are required to
take GE courses from different Areas of Knowledge, with at most one from each area.
Violation of points (2) and (3) above will result in FAILURE of GE course.
You have to ensure that the timetable of your chosen GE subjects does not clash with your
own schedule and or practicum/ Work-intergrated Learning. You are NOT allowed to Add/
Drop course after the completion of online registration.
If you need assistance in registering for your GE course(s), you can come to PC lab Room
K0822 in KHLC on 31 August 2015. Supporting staff will be stationed there between
9:30am to 5:00pm to answer questions and you may also register your GE courses there.
Please refer to the enclosed guideline for GE course registration. Please note in order to
access MyOUHK to register for your GE course(s), you need to have a password, which is
the same password as your OUHK Email Account.
On 31 August 2015, if you encounter any difficulties registering for your GE course, you
may also call LiPACE Hotline at 3120-9988.
20 August 2015
Foundation Programme Team
Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education, OUHK