Ebola algorithm for Cardiff Initial Accommodation

Ebola risk assessment at Cardiff Initial Accommodation Centre
Algorithm to inform the initial assessment of asylum seekers arriving at Cardiff IA
Has this person arrived from Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone or have they spent any time in these countries within the
Past 21 days?
If no continue as
If yes
Is the person currently unwell with any of the following symptoms?
A high temperature or history of high temperature in past 24 hours, chills, weakness , muscle aches, headache, sore
throat, diarrhea , vomiting, rash bruising or bleeding.
If yes isolate this person away from
others and contact Health Protection
team who will coordinate initial medical
assessment or transfer to healthcare
During normal working hours
Out of Hours
Cardiff Health Protection Team
Please contact Health Protection Team on
call via South East Ambulance Control
02920 402478
01633 293272
If no contact CHAP (if
out of hours contact
next working day)