It`s the Job That Counts – extract

Recruiting: It’s the Job that Counts - Extract
‘On September 3rd war was declared. The W.V.S., formed by
Lady Reading and launched in June 1938, at this point had a
membership of 165,000, all volunteers willing, if not absolutely
ready, to undertake ‘those duties in regard to Civil Defence
Services with which they have been entrusted…..together with
such duties of a similar character that may arise.’ By the end of
the year membership had reached 300,000 and W.V.S. had
amongst other things assisted with the reception arrangements
for one and a half million evacuees, had staffed hostels, clubs,
sick bays and communal feeding centres, opened nurseries for
children under five, provided transport for hospital patients and
undertaken welfare work for the troops’.
Zenno, Pauline ed. 1972. It’s the Job that Counts: 1939‐ 1953 A Selection from the Speeches and
Writings of the Dowager Marchioness of Reading. Private publication, p 2.
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