Maintenance Sheet #1

Science Maintenance Sheet #12-Water Cycle
1. In the water cycle, the sun’s energy causes
A. evaporation.
B. condensation.
C. precipitation.
D. percolation.
3. The water cycle involves energy changes
and the continuous movement of water
between Earth and its atmosphere.
Condensation primarily takes place where?
A. on Earth’s surface.
B. in the atmosphere.
C. in the oceans.
D. in the polar ice caps.
5. Lakes form in areas where
A. wells are drilled.
B. the water table is below Earth’s surface.
C. the water table is above Earth’s surface.
D. there are placer deposits.
7. Where does a natural spring occur?
A. where water enters an aquifer
B. where the zone of aeration meets Earth’s
C. where the water table meets Earth’s surface
D. where the zone of aeration meets the zone of
9. The Savannah River watershed covers
parts of Georgia, North Carolina, and South
Carolina. What are the streams and rivers
that flow into the Savannah River called?
A. aquifers
B. gradients
C. tributaries
D. deltas
11. Which of the following processes leads to
cloud formation?
A. condensation
B. precipitation
C. evaporation
D. desalination
2. Which one of the following landforms
results from river and stream EROSION?
A. mountains
B. glaciers
C. river channels
D. aquifers
4. In a shower, many small streams of water
combine to form larger streams, which
eventually combine and flow down the
drain. This is a simple model of which
A. a youthful river
B. a divide
C. a mature river
D. a watershed
6. In which steps of the water cycle does
water LOSE energy?
A. evaporation
B. condensation
C. precipitation
D. all steps
8. Where does a rejuvenated river form?
A. where the buildup of groundwater pressure
raises the land
B. where tectonic activity raises the land
C. where the land sinks due to tectonic activity
D. where new tributaries feed into an old river
10. Which of the following is a stream or
river deposit?
A. glaciers.
B. caves.
C. stalagmites and stalactites.
D. alluvial fans.
12. What are the 5 steps of the water cycle?
List them below: