Elida Graves
Final: pre/post lesson with tour
Objective: The student will observe/investigate the movement of water through the different
stages of the water cycle and determine what drives the cycle.
ESS2C: The role of water in Earth's surface processes-how do the properties and movement of
the water shape Earth's surface and affect its system?
MS-ESS2: develop a model to describe the cycle of water through earths systems driven by
energy from the sun and the force of gravity.
The teacher will introduce the water cycle.
Vocabulary: water cycle, water vapor, transpiration, atmosphere, precipitation, condensation,
The student will complete the pretest
The teacher will explain that the sun rises and heats the ocean, leaks, and rivers, and abides
energy for the plants to give off water vapor through transpiration....
The teacher will show and animation video about the water cycle.
The teacher will:
Hand out "Exploring the Water Cycle Capture Sheet"
Perform demonstrations for students
Place students in groups and have them Turn and Talk: The students will discuss the following
question in groups Question: What is precipitation? Why is precipitation important? How does precipitation help?
Where does water to go when it falls? How does the fallen water help? What is condensation?
What is evaporation? How does evaporation occur?
The student will:
Complete pretest
Turn and talk
Complete the handout
Complete the post test
The students will participate on a tour of Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour and
a tour of the Reservoir or Highbridge
Differentiation: create a water cycle bracelet using beads or rubber bands