Chapter 7 Science Study Guide


Chapter 7 Science Study Guide

The children need to know the following vocabulary words:

Air pressure









Water cycle

Another word for rain, sleet, hail or snow is precipitation.

You can use a thermometer to measure how hot or cold something is.

The air around the Earth is called the atmosphere.

When it is hot outside, the temperature is high.

When water vapor cools, it forms condensation.

The changing of a liquid into a gas is called evaporation.

A barometer measures air pressure.

The atmosphere pressing down on you creates air pressure.

The never-ending path called the water cycle provides water for all plants and animals.

They also need to know:

Compared with the Equator, at the North Pole, the temperature is lower.

In the water cycle, rising water vapor turns back into liquid by cooling and condensing.

The troposphere is where you would fly kites.

Your ears pop when flying in a plane or riding in an elevator due to air pressure changes.

They will also need to be familiar with Celsius and Fahrenheit to be able to determine what would happen during various temperatures.

To measure the jet stream, a weather balloon would have to reach the stratosphere where the jet stream is located, passing through the troposphere first.

How would weather maps help decide when/where to buy land?

How could you solve the problem of a city near an ocean lacking fresh drinking water?

How would you test the idea of whether air pressure affects the temperature at which water starts to boil?

Good luck! 