S 3 ETS Session 1 Sun, Evaporation and Condensation




ETS: Supporting Science Success for Elementary Teachers and Students

Today’s Agenda: January 27, 2015


Content Focus






Standard 1: Students will understand that water changes state as it moves through the water cycle.

Objective 1: Describe the relationship between heat energy, evaporation and condensation of water on Earth.

Teachers will describe the molecular motion of water in the three states or phases and when it is undergoing a phase change.

Teacher will construct a model of the molecular structure of a solid, liquid and gas.

Teachers will construct an explanation for phase change phenomenon experienced in class (sublimation, condensation, evaporation) and relate the role of energy in each phase change.

Teachers will compare heat sources used in class and the sun

Teachers will correctly define states of matter using shape and volume.

Teachers will use correct content vocabulary to clarify written and oral explanations and when using models (liquid, solid, gas, freezing, evaporation, condensation, molecules, structure)

1. Inquiry: What’s on the plate?

Lesson Sequence


ILO Alignment

2. S


ETS Business- Dina Dritz

3. Intro to Cohort- Candace Penrod

4. Inquiry Follow-up

5. Binder- Julianne Paul

6. Case Study: Phases of Matter (Pre-Assessment)-Candace

7. Inquiry: Water and Heat. What’s Up? -Candace

8. Condensation Connection-Candace

9. The Heat Is ON!-Julianne

10. Comprehensible Input: Reading Guide with Pre-Selected Text

11. Homework- Finish Reading Guide and DO SOMETHING connected to what you learned today!

12. S


ETS Wrap-Up- Dina Dritz